Megazone 23 / メガゾーン23 OVAs I, II, III [OnDeed] 1080p BDrip (HEVC)

2016-10-08 08:39 UTC
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**Megazone 23** was something our group encoded from the remaster DVDs in 2010. The time has moved on and a pretty good Blu-Ray is available now. With that, here are improved/v2 encodes from that lovely source, along with improved subtitles. These OVAs really deserve to be watched with no holds barred ("Zenryoku Zenkai!," as the bitrate calculator put it). Enjoy the 1980s go rabid. Anidb page: [Part I](, [Part II](, [Part III]( As for the extra video that is included... It is the footage the producer of Robotech ordered for their hack-job adaptation of Megazone 23, the justly-flopped [Robotech: The Movie]( It is actually a completely redone happy end for Megazone 23 Part I. Naturally it contradicts events of Part II and makes no sense, since it was made for a completely different story, but it is an interesting extra to see. This version of it was included on the english-language "International Edition" release of Megazone 23 Part II, which is the reason why it starts with english introduction for the whole series but lacks the original Robotech audio. Basically everything about it makes very little sense so don't be confused. I would suggest watching it only after you see Megazone 23 Part II. \-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Video + Audio: Region A BD (1436x1080 10-bit HEVC, lossless wavpack audio (stereo) Japanese audio only. Subtitles: English, switchable styled subs. There is one significant change on the technical side of the encodes. High 10 Profile (10-bit) H.264 video format has been replaced with HEVC, Main 10 format (also 10-bit). This has the downside of needing faster CPU for decoding, because ffmpeg/libav decoders we all use are not optimized well now and the format itself is more heavy. However, in the future this video codec will allow hardware decoding on GPUs, tablets and your other consumer electronics toys if they have decoder accepting Main 10 HEVC (for GPUS, for example Radeon RX 460 and the other Polaris-based cards should work, or GeForce GTX 960/950 and Pascals). With 10-bit H.264, hardware decoding will never exist. If you can't play back 10-bit HEVC@1080p, you will be able to get a lower-demand alternative soon. Version of these encodes in 720p resolution is going to be uploaded later with the tag \[If you don't download this I will cry\]. That version will be unofficial but using the same subtitles/source and so on. It should be compatible with DXVA and other H.264 hardware decoding devices so give it a shot if your PC can't handle our official 1080p release. **Sample Screenshots** [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( P.S.: In case you find some error in the subtitles (be it typo, grammar, timing) or the video (mouthcombs, corruption, glitches, etc...), please report it to us via the IRC channel. We can then address it in a eventual fixed version 2, if that happens. We are actually glad when people notice us about these things so we promise you won't be met with hostility like it sometimes happens :)

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  • Megazone 23 (BD 1080p)[OnDeed]
    • Megazone 23 - Extra - Alternative ending from Robotech The Movie [BD 1080p] [OnDeed] [456239B9].mkv (1.5 GiB)
    • Megazone 23 II [BD 1080p] [OnDeed] [E0E0FF05].mkv (13.4 GiB)
    • Megazone 23 III - Episode 1 [BD 1080p] [OnDeed] [123DEF3E].mkv (6.1 GiB)
    • Megazone 23 III - Episode 2 [BD 1080p] [OnDeed] [54E0F162].mkv (5.3 GiB)
    • Megazone 23 [BD 1080p] [OnDeed] [27A82C5D].mkv (10.0 GiB)
Love the high video quality of your releases..however,,, I do not see any with English Audio Dub option...Your files are very high quality.. however because there is no English dub option.. I am forced to keep the lower quality Exiled Destiny releases as the more "complete" releases.... It looks to me that practically none of your releases contain any English Dub option...yes, 90's anime eng dub sucks,, however,,.missing the Eng dub entirely, in my opinion, means the releases are sadly "incomplete" :(
Thanks for share! And no, Missing English dub doesn't mean this makes an incomplete release. WTF.
dominic20072007, you can always extract dub from your release and mux it with any other release or use it as external file.
Does anyone have a sub file (English) for Robotech The Movie? I'm listen to English is not good. Thanks !
first comment belongs in the nyaa comments_txt twitter