[niizk] CLAMP - CLAMP In Wonderland 1 and 2 (2007)

2016-07-26 01:22 UTC
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Hello everyone! Today, I bring to you another re-release featuring another work of CLAMP. ^^ I would like to take this part here to warmest thanks and appreciation to the group, niizk, for this torrent will not be possible without them. My salutes to everyone who is part of the group. ^^ This is actually a re-release of CLAMP In Wonderland which was originally released by niizk. I do not take ownership from this. All credits go to the group. This re-release is all for the pleasure of sharing to everyone, especially to all CLAMP avid fans. Overview (Wikipedia as source) Clamp in Wonderland Clamp in Wonderland is a series of music videos produced by Clamp, a creative team made up by Satsuki Igarashi, Ageha Ohkawa, Tsubaki Nekoi (Formerly Mick Nekoi) and Mokona (formerly Mokona Apapa). The short films feature characters from the group's entire canon of work. The first spans Clamp's career from their beginnings until the year 1994. The sequel Clamp in Wonderland 2 includes over 100 characters from the Clamp universe. The videos were released to DVD on October 26, 2007 as Clamp In Wonderland 1&2 1989-2006. Clamp In Wonderland 1 features characters created between 1989 and 1994. Opening theme Anata Dake no WONDERLAND (あなただけのWONDERLAND?) Lyricist: Nanase Ohkawa Song: Junko Hirotani Ending theme Anata ga Shiawase de Aru You ni (『あなた』が『幸せ』であるように?) Lyricist: Nanase Ohkawa Song: Junko Hirotani Clamp In Wonderland 2 features characters created between 1995-2006. Opening theme action! by Maaya Sakamoto Composer: h-wonder Lyrics: Maaya Sakamoto Ending theme Oh YEAH! by Round Table feat. Nino Media Information: Resolution: 704x480 Audio: Vorbis, Japanese Subtitles: 2, ASS and SRT, English and Romaji Lyrics Format: Matroska (MKV) I do hope you will all enjoy this, especially those CLAMP avid fans out there! <3 Have a wonderful and blessed day, everyone! (^o^)/ PS: My connection is not that exceptional, so please seed guys, that I may upload other works as well. With my not-so-good internet connection, I cannot promise to seed my torrents all the time. T\_T My deepest gratitude as well to those who are very kind to seed the torrent. Thank you very much. <3 <3 <3

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