Detective Conan - 468 - The Mysterious Case Near the Pond [Baaro DCHD][720p][BF13ABAC].mkv

2016-07-05 17:25 UTC
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Back in November 2014, I started getting raw rips of Detective Conan in HD, starting from the first episode when they switched to widescreen, from satellite TV in Japan. I hung on to these rips, and did encodes from them, but I really wanted to use them to make subtitles - especially for episodes which were originally not available to the subbers in HD, and which were only released in the measly resolution (standard at the time) of 704x396. For a while, I didn't do anything with the opportunity. Making bad blood with DCTP is not something I want to do, even now. But here was this chance - to make bad subs good and to make good subs better - and I didn't want to let it pass by. The idea of Project DCHD is to take DCTP's subs which were originally released only in 396p, give them a coat of paint, and put them on new 720p raws. I will credit them as completely as possible. Here's some improvements I intend to make: 1\. The song translations are completely redone, mostly by bluesun (of The Moonlighters). Other boilerplate translations are generally edited to match The Moonlighters and Baaro Fansubs conventions. 2\. Timing and typesetting completely redone from scratch out of necessity. This also means sometimes, line breaks are changed. 3\. As far as ability and/or availability permits, additional editing and TLC is done. Some of these episodes, let's be honest, really need it. You occasionally find a line that's a complete howler. I would like to emphasize that these are not official DCTP releases, they're Baaro releases adapted from DCTP's work.

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  • Detective Conan - 468 - The Mysterious Case Near the Pond [Baaro DCHD][720p][BF13ABAC].mkv (504.6 MiB)