My Neighbor Totoro English only Streamline dub dual video (Blu-ray and DVD)

2016-02-23 01:13 UTC
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container format: matroska (mkv) video stream 1: 1080p H.264 Coalgirls transcode of Blu-ray with timing modified to sync video stream 2: taken from DVD unmodified audio stream: 2.0 AC-3 English Streamline original dub unmodified directly from the DVD which is the same as on the VHS subtitle stream: English songs and signs with timing modified to sync chapters: 18 from the Blu-ray fonts: copied from Coalgirls release This is Coalgirls' 1080p Blu-ray release remuxed with the English audio directly from the DVD, which has the Streamline original English dub. The video stream from the DVD is also present. Since the video playback rate had to be changed to perfectly sync with the DVD audio, the other audio tracks from the Blu-ray were removed, as they no longer synced, including the Disney English dub. The full English sub stream was removed also because it is a direct translation of the Japanese and doesn't match what the characters are saying. The "songs and signs" text stream from the Coalgirls release was maintained. A modern media player that properly interprets matroska container-level timing info is required to properly play this file. Mpv or MPC-HC do this. Muxing was done with mkvtoolnix v8.8.0. The Blu-ray video stream and the songs and signs subtitle stream were each modified with a delay value of 6470ms and a stretch value of 0.99986. The DVD streams were not modified.

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  • My_Neighbor_Totoro_(Blu-ray_and_DVD_dual_video_Streamline_Fox_English_dub).mkv (12.9 GiB)