2016-01-05 11:19 UTC
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Day 13, the final day of Saizen's 13 Days of Christmas! So let's slow things down a bit, reflect, and have a little chat with Kuroko's Basketball's Let's Chat OVA, otherwise known in Japanese as "oshaberi shiyokka"! This OVA was included in the "owaranai natsu" (endless summer/never-ending summer) fan disc that was released in December 2012. This OVA takes place around the end of S1. It's been a while since they've been to a Maji Burger, so all of Seirin gets together to sit down, have a meal, and, as Riko puts it, have a talk "about a bunch of off-the-cuff, stupid, random crap!" We would've loved to have been able to offer you this in Blu-Ray, but this fan disc was only released as a DVD, so unfortunately this is all we're going to get. We are working on the extras that were included with this fan disc as well, and we will be releasing them after we finish up with the music videos they included with it. The extras include creditless OP/EDs for season 1, all of the end card screens that were shown at the end of broadcast version of the show, and music videos with original songs for Kuroko, Kagami, Hyuga, Kise, Aomine, Midorima, and Takao. Anyway, this brings an end to our 13 Days of Christmas. We hope you enjoyed it. As always, see our [site](http://www.saizenfansubs.com) for more details or join the conversation with us in #saizen on the Rizon networks over on IRC... except our site is down right now, because of course it is. Bonus surprise!

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