[Baaro] Dragon Ball Kai 140-141 [ENG-SUB]

2015-05-24 23:33 UTC
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Unfortunately, the two of us who do most of the work - I, who encode and prepare the initial English scripts, and Puto, our editor - have started to sour on the project, and issues like real life got in the way. We had different reasons - I got overwhelmed by the backlog, after straining my wrist working on the timing, and Puto felt most of the reason for doing the project in the first place had faded away by this point in the series - a notion I can't disagree with. So with much regret, these will be the last two episodes of DBK we release. On the other hand, this doesn't affect any potential decision we will make on DB Super. If it doesn't get a good simulcast, the same team who has been bringing you DBK will be ready, along with some extra hands, and will make sure to bring you the best as we've always been trying for. What happens there depends on what Toei and/or Funi do with regard to an English subtitled release. Stay tuned!

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  • [Baaro] Dragon Ball Kai 140-141 [ENG-SUB]
    • Dragon Ball Kai - 140 - Exciting! Boo-Boo Volleyball!! [Baaro][720p][83AE41B9].mkv (616.0 MiB)
    • Dragon Ball Kai - 141 - What You've All Been Waiting For! The Reborn Gohan Heads To Earth!! [Baaro][720p][AA666F81].mkv (553.9 MiB)