Shakugan No Shana Music Collection

2015-05-07 09:20 UTC
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Shakugan No Shana music collection from I,II,III,S and F File type: tta,ape,flac,wav credit to: Kellytong@LK my first torrent, please correct me if there's anything wrong

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Hi, sorry if this seems silly, but would you mind advising me on how to use CCD+CUE+IMG+SUB file? For other folders, so far I just split TTA/APE file using CUE file, but for CCD+CUE+IMG+SUB, I can't seem to do anything :(
I realise I'm aiding necrosis here (too bad we don't have a wiki), but to @waremon and anyone else unsure of how to handle these files, you don't need to split or convert anything unless you want to, and in that case there are usually alternative torrents which have already done it. Basic information: The *.cue and *.ccd files can be used to directly play the albums or tracks from them in any player that supports that sort of function ( like Clementine or foobar2000 ). Many audio players can simply play them directly. Only if you feel the need to separate the tracks into individual files do you need to do anything. Since you didn't list the tool you are "so far" using to split APE I can't be sure, but it's likely that doesn't support raw disc images. The files in this torrent are NOT audio, though they contain that data, they are like an disc ISO, with the descriptors in separate files.
Technical notes: Technically speaking, each of the file collections ( the ccd (CloneCD control file), cue (track index), img (raw data), and sub (subcode channel metadata) ) are a complete accounting of the data and index of the original disc. Some programs generate alternate files, like cue/bin or mds/mdf, but for the most part the can be used similarly or converted. Personally I don't keep my libraries as disc images, but the original release is intended to be as complete as possible. Additionally, there is some disagreement whether disc images generated in this way are actually very good copies, as in a single read consumer hardware is capable of only capturing roughly 95% of on disc data from CDDA encoded audio ( ALL standard CDs ). To get around this, more advanced (and slower) software such as EAC is often used to generate lossless copies of the disc (in tracks or as one file), often in FLAC or APE format. This particular release comes with many extras so you can really do whatever you want, down to burning the discs, printing new labels and booklets, and putting it on your shelf for the tangibility that offers. Some References: