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2015-03-08 07:54 UTC
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In this episode, Sally's father makes a wager with God to see how Sally will fare without her magic powers. This is the last of the color episodes that I'll be doing for now, I plan on going back to episode 7 and subtitling the rest of the black and white episodes when I get time. An extra special shout out to Bill S., the guy who commissioned the scripts for episodes 1, 4 and 43-48. Bill and I did some VHS trading back when I was first starting out as a fan subtitler in the analog (laserdisc->genlock box->S-VHS) subtitling era. He paid to have the episodes translated from a VHS source, and the plan was for them to be subtitled by Garasu no Bara Productions, another one person subtitling "group" run by Elora. Garasu no Bara was working on subtitling some great shows such as Queen Millennia (if I had to pick one anime series to bring with me to a desert island this would be the one), Tezuka's Ribon no Kishi (aka Princess Knight) and of course Garasu no Kamen. But sadly Elora suddenly vanished from the internet without a trace. I miss you, Elora! If you're still out there somewhere, leave me a comment. Come to think of it, there were quite a few fan subtitlers in those days who were putting out releases on a regular basis and then just suddenly disappeared without saying goodbye.

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