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![]( Angels skitaltsy / The Sky Crawlers Year: 2008 Country: Japan Genre: drama Running time: 122 minutes Director: Mamoru Hosea Description: «Every generation has its own war», - said Mao Zedong, not in vain in his youth studied ancient Chinese treatises. Only fear makes people appreciate the peaceful life, just mind that someone is constantly fighting and dying. This truth is well learned in an alternate world, whose development stopped at the middle of the XX century. The war of terror and a curse turned into a business and trade, the control lever moved to the transnational corporations. Two of them - «Rostok» and «Lautern» - specialized in the endless war game conducted by the best kind of troops - air. The field of battle - the whole world, to kill only combatants, the bomb only military targets and civilians look at the TV aerial battle in real time and in good taste to discuss them as sports matches. The young pilot Yuyti Kannami fighting for «Rostok», arrive at a small base Urisu, which commanded a young woman Suyto Kusanagi. However, Yuyti even younger - in fact it belongs to the caste Kildren - genetically modified people who came out of adolescence, no longer old, died in battle. Newbie rapidly developed on the base, and airmanship helped him earn the respect of battle comrades. Yuyti involved in the daily lives of «Celestial skitaltsev», but soon a series of departures and simple entertainment begins to notice strange things. Gradually he realized that the development of relations with the Kusanagi will help find answers ... now only if they would alleviate?

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