Detective Conan - 733 736 738 739 743 and 751 [M-L]

2014-09-25 13:46 UTC
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Here’s the first of our catch-up batches as we shave off a third of our Conan backlog. In this batch, two billionaires, a bar, and the sun and moon all have cases waiting for Detective Conan! ![Image]( We’ve also got the newest episode ready to go, with a case brought in by a calico cat. From now on, we’ll be trying to stay up to date with the most current episodes while also chipping away at the backlog. To answer some questions about our future plans: Yes, we’ll be releasing the 18th Conan movie, Dimensional Sniper, once the DVD is out. We’ll also be taking up Magic Kaito 1412 as long as it doesn’t get simulcast, so either way, you can look forward to the launch of the Gōshō Aoyama Mystery Hour from the 4th of October. We’ve got various episodes of the Conan backlog being worked on already, and will be plugging up the rest of the holes when we can.

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  • Detective Conan - 733 736 738 739 743 and 751 [M-L]
    • Detective Conan - 733 - The Wedding Banquet and the Two Gunshots [M-L][AAF605C5].mkv (323.6 MiB)
    • Detective Conan - 736 - The Secret of the Kogoro Mouri Statues [M-L][D2B6BE0D].mkv (326.5 MiB)
    • Detective Conan - 738 - Kogoro in the Bar (Part I) [M-L][E979F53D].mkv (306.7 MiB)
    • Detective Conan - 739 - Kogoro in the Bar (Part II) [M-L][E38D2431].mkv (313.3 MiB)
    • Detective Conan - 743 - Two Overlapping Coincidences [M-L][0467D58D].mkv (358.5 MiB)
    • Detective Conan - 751 - The Case of the Beckoning Calico Cat (Part I) [M-L][8DF59DF2].mkv (349.8 MiB)