[HDTV JAP HardSub-ITA] ef - a tale of memories - Ep 02 [MDW Fansub][Colombo-bt.org]

2008-06-23 03:24 UTC
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![](http://img132.imageshack.us/img132/7696/eflockt3.jpg) Main Title: ef - a tale of memories Year: 07.10.2007 till 23.12.2007 **codec Divx Audio JAP Subtitle HardSub ITA** PREVIEW Based on the visual interactive novel by Minori, featuring character designs by Nanao Naru. The story revolves around the protagonist Hirono Hiro, a poor high school boy who draws shoujo manga for his living. One cold Christmas night after meeting a very strange woman in a church, who tells him that he`s going to meet someone he has to meet, his bike gets stolen by another strange girl. He runs after her and finds her collapsed on the street. Her name is Miyamura Miyako and her bag got stolen by a man on a motorbike. Soon after, they start hanging out together, enjoying highschool life. Miyako falls for Hiro pretty quickly but naturally finds a rival in his childhood friend, Shindou Kei, who has been dictating Hiro`s life since ever.

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