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2014-08-02 01:41 UTC
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The aim of this project was to extend the Nelvana dub while cutting the jap audio to have a Dual-Audio release. It was necessary to edit the dub since it aired cut on KWB, TV3, etc. Many hours were spent on this project in 2009 & 2014. There's about 30-40 cuts per track to undo some of KWB's cuts. KWB did about 20 cuts to ep1 in my guess. **This Nelvana dub is the dub which we grew up with (unless you grew up in Asia), NOT the Animax dub which is apparently coming out on BD in a few days. I'm also looking for any HDTV (NOT BD) airing of CC eps in HD because they have more picture:** <http://taitan-no.net/archives/2009/04/04/0004.php> V3 i'd like to do this ^ include the eyecatch & localize the title card of Kero Chan's corner maybe. V1: 1072p 10-bit H264 A1: Extended English AAC 2ch A2: Shortened Japanese AAC 6ch S1: English captions _S2: English subtitles for the Japanese track_ < note, marked differently when I 1st uploaded it & in the file Intro=== After half a decade of doing my CCX v1 (started & finished in 2009, but released in 2013 here: [\#413092](//www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=413092) ), I decided to revise it after I discovered tp7's sushi, arter some random dude came on Rizon and PM'd me how he lost his libido after he reading the TLDR on my last CCX and finding there were no subs. There was an addicent involving loss of some files, but the most important one, the Premiere XML was recovered, along with a few other bits & pieces. V1: 1072p 10-bit H264 encoded with x264=== avs here: setmemorymax(800) m=3 n=4 c=60 ffvideosource("Sequence 04.avi") crop2(c,0,-c,0) temp = last.TemporalSoften(7,255,255,25,2) Interleave(temp.Repair(last.TemporalSoften(1,255,255,25,2)),last) DePan(last,blur=20,data=DePanEstimate(last,trust=0,dxmax=m,dymax=m,zoommax=1.2),offset=-1) SelectEvery(2,0) crop2(n,n,-n,-n) SRemoveDirtMC(6) addborders(c,0,c,0) The video project went from PPRO 1>CS4>CS5.5>CC. Edited in 1560 x 1080p this time. Why 1560 ? Because I'm hoping someone will make available a HDTV airing of CCS which has more picture (see 3rd para above), and I can just plop that in & rerender. 1552 x 1072 is the final res after cropping & stabilization Much better video than my previous release, slightly denoised & stabilized, not cropped to 960p 3:2, deen was not used, no xvid intermediatary was used, 10bit, etc A1: Extended English AAC 2ch=== All audio was finalized in Reaper, after some futzing in PPRO & Audition. The OP was redone. Removing the music from the english version, I insterted this in an karaoke from CD to make an actually stereo version of the english OP. You may hear FFT artefacts, amd you will hear some Jap BU Vocals come through, but imo it's better than the old OP which was baisically mono+reverb done by the studio (the vibraslap not panning is the telltale). EQing up the bass was done also. I'm not sure if I did any EQ on my v1. If I did, it's not here. Sometime after 2009, stereo FLAC of the CC Dub album was available (instead of the stereoization by phase-shift on mono 192kps MP3), so that was slotted in in the scenes around madison asking sakura permission to film her. Also Changed in the v2 is lowering of the music volume during those scenes. The ED was just slotted in p.much unchanged from 2009 - possibly EQing, a bit of stretching. Usonote: "according to my research, Carly McKillip was around 10 at the time she voiced Sakura" Some bits were filled in from the Jap track, possibly with some formant shifting. Don't worry, you wont' hear Sakura Avalon saying much intelligeble Japanese. A2: Shortened Japanese AAC 6ch=== The OP was redone. All of the channels are used appropriately now. An acapella was created by doing FFT over the vocal + the karaoke, and spread that over 5ch. The karaoke was spread over 4ch. All using a proper surround upscaler (one of the best) and some PP. LFE is not used, as it should be. There was also some panning done. Worth 3-5ch of discreteness depending on how paranoid you are about upscales. Compare that with the original OP, what they did was attenuate the front to the center, LFE, and back, and apply some delay imaging. Undoubtedly worth only 2ch. Mine is definitely more discrete and should sound better. The ED was done in a similar way. Listen for the "Hoo" in the rear speakers exclusively just before the chorus. You'll hear some of the music leak through as I do a fadeout in the ED as this was constructed from my full-version GROOVY!. You would not beleive how much trouble I had to go through to get 6ch audio exporting from PPro while not completely redoing the project. While PPro supports 6ch audio, it doesn't 'support' 6ch audio. Let me explain. You can export 6ch audio created & mixed from 1/2ch stems, but importing & managing 6ch audio isn't very nice. And depending on which version of PPro you use, replacing 2ch audio with 6ch audio may not work as expected, or at all. What I ended up doing was upgrading the project several times in steps. This was necessary because if you jump too many versions in a project upgrade, audio breaks. In PPro CC, I was able to coax 6ch audio out by importing the 6ch, and exporting 2ch pairs after tweaking which pair I chose. LFE is surprisingly sometimes discrete. Some rear-discrete SFX. Could use some more work fixing it up tho. S1: English captions=== Opening "Cardcaptors Extended" paint edit: This is my first time doing SRSBZNS TSing. In the v1, it was hardsubbed on by PPro, I decided to take a plunge and do it non-destructively in Aegisub. OP & ED: From various sites over the interwebs. Some of it is commonly mondegreen'd, hence. The styling of the lyrics takes hints from the credited Japanese OP. Title card: Again, takes hints from the Japanese version. Background clip from episode 3 (as uso suggested, also in his ARM version) Episode text: Originally typed & timed by Uso and VOBsub'd, he lost the original astext files. He sent those to me, and OCR'd the VOBsubs, and made some edits (capitilization mainly). The timing is kinda like DVDs? Ie, appear before it's spoken, onscreen for long time, etc. It goes halfway towards EAD, like \[some sound effects in squure brackets\]. Uso commented something like 'although it's a hatchet dub, it's more literal than you might think' Sushi was used to retime it for this custom edit, and worked fine after a few changes to the audio files. Credits: Again, uso typed & TS'd/recreated these. I retimed a few starting lines to better match the beat of the music. Full softsub. You won't see this if you turn the subs off. S2: English subtitles for the Japanese track=== I think these are R1 subs? Similar comments apply to various aspects of this track from above. This was also retimed with sushi, but only about half of it worked since much audio was cut, and sushi doesn't handle errors well. As such, I had to re shift the broken lines. Thus, the timing may be fine at times, terrible elsewhere. Usonote: In the OP, The lyrics say Watashi no omoi, but Gumi sings more like Atashi. The OP & ED are a patchwork translation. Done so so that the amount of syllables in the TL +- matches the amount in the original most of the time so that it's more singable. Comparison: Screenshots=== Comparisons (mine on left): [![Image](http://t1.someimage.com/7uTz0Og.jpg)](http://someimage.com/7uTz0Og) [![Image](http://t1.someimage.com/BkBOEhB.jpg)](http://someimage.com/BkBOEhB) [![Image](http://t1.someimage.com/TuopdqW.jpg)](http://someimage.com/TuopdqW) [![Image](https://storage.animetosho.org/sshots/00023f79/ta609bb8ab05a0d13.jpg)](http://i1.someimage.com/KnchNoN.png) [![Image](https://storage.animetosho.org/sshots/00023f79/tf7b41d20b69937da.jpg)](http://i1.someimage.com/0pNG6QC.png) [![Image](https://storage.animetosho.org/sshots/00023f79/t5af8ec20d4b11987.jpg)](http://i1.someimage.com/xEOH43X.png) Contact:=== I am contactable on IRC on irc.hoshinet.org and irc.rizon.net via PM or channels. nickname is junh1024 Thanks:=== Myself, obviously. junh1024/jhl Usotsuki (aka Licca) on hoshinet sushi's author (tp7) You, the leecher/seeder. CCS staff (CLAMP, Madhouse, Nelvana, etc)

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any plans to do all the episodes?

junh1024 (uploader)

I have a wish to split my V3 with 51+ animax + DA w/nelvana, I have fixed JP51/CNT50 audio for most eps, but no plans for a complete series with nelvana extended since it’s too labor intensive. FOr HQ/720p Dub recreation, look into ARM's CCR (only on XDCC for now)