Game Center CX - 178 - Mega Man X (Part 1) 60fps [SAGCCX].mp4

2014-07-30 13:59 UTC
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Quote: Mega Man X Part 1 Oh god that unclogging caused an overflow I can't stop it oh god there's releases EVERYWHERE! Try as he might, Arino just can't get that dang blue bomber helmet off. As his Mega Man has been upgraded to twice the bits, so too, does this release upgrade to twice the frames, and we're doing a test run and trying a 60 frames per second release (but still offering a 30 fps version for those of you who don't want to deviate from the usual style). 60 fps - 664.7 megs (the full experience, but may not work on some devices or only show you 30 fps anyway. Played fine for me on updated Windows Media Player, VLC and MPC-HC, though. Also there will be spots where the overlays are off by 1 frame because apparently the subtitles don't let you tweak beyond 30 fps accuracy): **I am simply uploading this, all credit for the translation goes to SA-GCCX.**

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  • Game Center CX - 178 - Mega Man X (Part 1) 60fps [SAGCCX].mp4 (664.7 MiB)
The subtitles do let you sync to flawless 60fps accuracy, see 194 Wizards & Warriors and 117 and 120 and 184 upgrades. You're AssumingFPS of 30 when you sub, run it at 60fps using ffms2 instead. Info() to see actual time info.