[EG] Mobile Suit Gundam - Char's Counterattack BD (1080p, 10bit, Dual-Audio)

2014-04-08 10:26 UTC
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Finally! I had to take a bit of a break and I got caught up in some extraneous work on 0083, but the new encode of CCA is here. What's new? Well, not too much, but the picture is significantly improved over the original version, which, for intents and purposes, has been lost in the ether of the internet. Seriously, I don't have a copy of the old 1080p encode anymore, and few others seem to have it as well. It's an old encode, and was my first BD, so it was a victim of the age-old practice of encoding to DVD sizes. The 720p and 1080p versions were DVD-5 and DVD-9 sized, respectively. Consider both versions obsolete and useful for little more than toasters. The source is still DNR'd to hell, but what little grain remains has been preserved in this 10bit encode. The Japanese audio is in FLAC, and the English dub is now in its original AC3. The subs have been given a tweak, and Beyond The Time is now subbed. Specs: **Video:** H.264 10bit @ CRF18 **Audio:** Japanese 2.0 FLAC/English 2.0 AC3 **Subs:** English R1 ASS

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  • [EG]Char's_Counterattack_BD(1080p_10bit)[23C71E13].mkv (11.2 GiB)
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