New Dream Hunter Rem - Episode 01 / NEWドリームハンター麗夢 01 [OnDeed] R2 DVDrip (10-bit)

2013-11-23 13:55 UTC
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Ladies and gentlemen, we present you the first episode of **New Dream Hunter Rem**. The cute paranormal detective returns, armed with a revolver, bikini armor and pink leg warmers. Plus dog and cat who can use a phone. New Dream Hunter Rem has improved animation and is extremely cute. And luckily, the DVDs have been authored from a nice remastered source. The first episode, _The Dream Knights_, isn't as cool as the second one in general, but in return it features the best fighting action from the whole series. This OVA is a continuation of the the original Dream Hunter Rem OVA, which we subbed previously ([Episode 1](//, [Episode 2](//, [Episode 3](// See you next time with the final episode, _Massacre in the Phantasmic Labyrinth_, in which Elizabeth appears - according to some wild internet rumors, she might have a crush on Rem. However we were not able to confirm that and it might just be a wishful concoction of some fan. I swear, these yuricons... [AniDB entry.]( Video + Audio: R2 DVD (720x478 \*10-bit\* H.264 (4:3) / Ac3 audio Japanese audio only. Subtitles: (English) fansub script. Sample Screenshots [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( [![Image](]( Note: in some time, we are going to make a batch. So in case you find some error in the subtitles /or a mouthcomb, video corruption, etc.../, please report it to us via the IRC channel. We can then address it in a eventual version 2, if that happens.

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Man this torrent is thick as all mighty hell. Why the hell is this 1.4 GB
Thanks OnDeed for this anime as well as the 5 others in the series......appreciate all the work and look forward to bingeing the group one evening. Thanks Nyaa for hosting all.
Much thanks and appreciation.
I've compared between all available raws in Nyaa of this anime, this is the best quality so far.