[CF&B] Detective Conan 001-003 [ENG-SUB]

2013-10-10 11:25 UTC
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The signs indicate that for the most part episodes 1-123 of Detective Conan are still, after all these years, found mostly in ancient XviD fansubs even though R1s exist. That said, TMS gave Funimation masters which contain editing errors in openings 1, 3 and 4 plus endings 1 and 3, and which lack opening 2 and ending 2. Fixing these issues in the dub was something that I either couldn't do (OP2, because of a BGM change, and ED1, because I need something very rare in order to fix it) or didn't feel was worth the time because it required a lot of manual editing on every episode (OP1, OP3). In the end, I decided to just slap the R1 subs, with some consistency editing, onto simple R2 encodes similar to the raws of 306-529 I released some time ago. The typesetting is based on what I currently use for Baaro 4:3 subs (some more of which will be coming out soon). Although below my usual standard for Fusion-Rips, hence my decision to refer to the encodes as "ColdFusion", I was asked to provide them for Fusion _anyway_ as they do need the additional distribution. ![Image](http://i.imgur.com/stxTDAl.png) ![Image](http://i.imgur.com/9DOyhJD.png) ![Image](http://i.imgur.com/zTXE5qM.png)

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  • [CF&B] Detective Conan 001-003 [ENG-SUB]
    • Detective Conan - 001 - The Roller Coaster Murder Case [CF&B][5FA8AB8C].mkv (135.3 MiB)
    • Detective Conan - 002 - The Kidnapping of the Company President's Daughter [CF&B][A7F7DBC0].mkv (144.9 MiB)
    • Detective Conan - 003 - The Celebrity Locked Room Murder Case [CF&B][A4915221].mkv (140.7 MiB)