[TSHS - HnT] Jaguarman - Leopardman unaired pilots (1967)

2013-10-07 17:15 UTC
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Here's another joint project with Hi no Tori Fansubs. This is a pair of unaired live action pilots from P Productions, the same company behind such classics as Ambassador Magma (Space Giants), Spectreman, the Lion-Maru series and Denjin Zaborger. These pilots are about 10 minutes each, and feature a fairly similar setting and premise. It appears that when P Productions was unable to sell Jaguarman to the TV networks, they did some minor retooling and turned it into Leopardman. Sadly this did not sell either, but it's fun to watch these pilots and imagine what might have been. These pilots were released on VHS many years ago, but they never made it to laserdisc or DVD. Unfortunately we didn't have access to an original pre-recorded VHS tape of this, it regularly sells for ¥20,000 (about $200) on Yahoo Auctions Japan but none of us had that kind of coin. So don't expect perfect quality from this release, \[ookami\] from Hi no Tori has done his best to make it look as good as possible given the raw source available. If anyone out there happens to own the pre-recorded VHS tape, please contact me via the comments!

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