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2013-04-04 03:41 UTC
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`Another - Ep00 [BD-1080p][Flep]<br></br><br></br>Note:<br></br> This is a 10 bit release so update your codecs if you can't play<br></br> this properly.<br></br> More info:<br></br><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a><br></br>Show info:<br></br> Title:<br></br> Another: The Other - Inga<br></br><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a><br></br> Aired:<br></br> 26.05.2012<br></br> Episodes:<br></br> 1 x 24min<br></br> Categories:<br></br> Daily Life, Seinen, Tragedy<br></br> Director:<br></br> Mizushima Tsutomu<br></br><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a><br></br> Production:<br></br> P.A. Works<br></br><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a><br></br> Summary:<br></br> Prequel depicting the daily live of Fujioka Misaki and <br></br> Misaki Mei and events leading up to the point where the TV <br></br> show starts. This provides some extra backstory and clears <br></br> some things up so it's a nice addition to the series. <br></br> There's also some fanservice for the people that want it, <br></br> but it's not exactly a selling point.<br></br> Meant to be watched after watching the show.<br></br> Originally released on a DVD bundled with the limited edition <br></br> of the "0th" volume of the manga adaptation of the novel.<br></br><br></br>Release info:<br></br> raws:<br></br> Another Blu-ray BOX Disc 3<br></br> Video:<br></br> 1080p 10bit x264@L5.1 (~3438kb/s)<br></br> Audio:<br></br> 48KHz stereo Vorbis@q7 (~188kb/s)<br></br> Subs:<br></br> Underwater<br></br><br></br>More details:<br></br> This OVA finally found its way onto a Blu-Ray and was<br></br> on the third disc of the recently released Another Blu-ray<br></br> BOX.<br></br> It would be a shame if it never got a BD release because, like<br></br> most of the shows by P.A.Works, it has detail over 720p and<br></br> looks pretty much perfect.<br></br> This uses the same script as my DVD release.<br></br> No ordered chapters because I want this to be standalone<br></br> and it would take a lot of extra effort without making<br></br> much of a difference (it actually saves size to not include<br></br> Credited and Creditless OP with this release).<br></br><br></br>Website: <br></br><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a><br></br>IRC:<br></br><a href="irc://"></a>`

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