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**NB: This is episode 5. I updated the site filename, but won't be named as such when you download it. Sorry.** Hi Experimental 10bit, surround english, japanese, italian, german & stereo (except german) release. 10bit video encoded using x264 and HE-AAC encoded using qAAC+Quicktime 7.69 to save space. If you have 4 speakers or more, it is suggested you listen to the surround tracks (labelled 51 or 50). If you have 3 speakers or less, it is reccomended you listen to the stereo track This is due to mixing decisions on the italian track that will make phasing artefacts when you downmix to without rear speakers. It’s not worth fixing this problem as the side effects are potentially much larger. (unless you are listening to the german track, in that case there is no stereo) The video is encoded from italian BDMV as apparently it is better quality than the jap BD. Avisynth script here: http://pastebin.com/gMLcKw2a The subs are taken from doki’s yesy release. The english and japanese audio is taken from the R1DVD, and I replaced the OP with a custom remix. In the case of surround track, I inserted the dialogue and removed some music into the center channel of the italian surround track (which I determined was overall, executed better than the german surround mix). I could not determine with high confidence that the LFE was discrete, so I muted it. you may be able to hear some sound from the sub depending on your BMS/CX settings. There was also some manual music replacement/upscaling for a cleaner result. The ED will sound a bit derp on the surround tracks due to the way I did the center channel and the phase response of the upscaler that they used. The Italian and German surround tracks are mostly untouched, and have LFE. Note that I had to stretch the german track from 25fps to 23.97 fps. As a result, the pitch and formants have shifted down, making the VAs sound more like adults (tbh, they sounded like adults anyway). If this is annoying, leave a comment and I could preserve or shift up the formant to make them sound more like children. Note that formant aware DSPs may screw up the music. Included also is the commentary from the Jap BD. Apparently spanish and korean dubs exists, but i couldn’t find them. I’m also having trouble securing german audio for eps 8-12. This release could be improved on, ie, higher bitrate for audio and lossless source for Eng & Jap dubs, OP ED video replacement, and ED audio replacement. Thanks to bedmakaveli, Majin, and Will\_Simth (from isdel) for providing me sauce.

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