Android Kikaider (1973) DVDRip [Complete English Sub]

2012-09-08 15:48 UTC
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ANDROID KIKAIDER (Jinzo Ningen Kikaida) is a tokusatsu superhero TV series. Created by Japanese manga artist Shotaro Ishinomori, the show was produced by Toei Company Ltd., and was broadcast on NET (now TV Asahi) from July 8, 1972 to May 5, 1973, with a total of 43 episodes. PLOT SUMMARY: Professor Gill, the mastermind behind all the evil plots, has kidnapped brilliant robotics scientist Dr. Komyoji and forced him to build a battalion of android monsters to serve Gill's malicious ends. The only one who can save Japan from Gill's evil designs is Jiro, himself a Komyoji creation. Jiro, actually the human form of an android, can transform into the mechanized superhero Kikaida. DETAILS: Genre: Tokusatsu, Action, Science Fiction Runtime: 24 min Episodes: 43 (complete series) Country: Japan Language: Japanese Subtitles: English (hardsub) File Size..............: 188MB Format.................: MP4 Codec..................: H.264 Video Bitrate..........: 900 Kbps Resolution.............: 640x496 Audio..................: AAC Audio Bitrate..........: 160 Kbps

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  • Kikaider
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Jinzo Ningen Kikaider:!Yug3zTDD!8npJoeo_KlG52bas2Fy5mg HQ Rips from the Japanese DVD release. Work in progress.
@glamrick can you upload kamen rider v3 & inazuman too?
I don't have inazuman :( But I can do Kamen Rider V3 Sometime next month.
Yeah it's a bit sad how no one seems to really care about Inazuman. I mean, not one subber has even ATTEMPTED to sub Inazuman Flash (I understand not subbing the original Inazuman, cause it got an official dvd release way back in 2003, and there were likely (subbed) vhs recordings of the television broadcasts floating around prior to that). Although great to hear you'll be able to upload Kamen Rider V3. Also, do you have a site or blog or somewhere that you post this stuff, besides here? Cause I wasn't sure if you'd see my message here on nyaa, since we can only communicate via comments.
No I don't. I just post links here and maybe someone will see them.
Oh ok. You should make a twitter, tumblr, wordpress or some other kinda blog or something (I recommend twitter if you're just gonna be simply posting links). Your efforts would just be a waste if no one sees them. Also are you encoding these yourself, and if so are you using your own raws? Also, you have raws for Seuin Kamen Machine or Henshin Ninja Arashi?
Unfortunately no, I don't. And quite a few people have seen the links already. I own physical copies of the DVDs and do the encoding myself. There is maybe a 10% difference from the encodes and the source file. As for making a twitter or anything like that, I don't see the point. As I only plan on doing just a few more shows. If you could help spread the links around, I'd appreciate it.
Ok, in that case, why not just have a mega account and put everything in one folder, and then have sub-folders for all the series? So we know what else you uploaded and keep track of any future uploads? And what are all the series are you gonna do (or had already done)? Also, if you own the physical copies, is there a chance that maybe you could do some of the series I mentioned in the future (for cases where you do like or is interested in the series)? Cause I've looked everywhere for these series, and the only other place I think that could possibly have them is ADC (you don't have an account for that, do you? Or know if those series are on there. I'm looking for supaidaman too btw). Anyway, thanks a lot for these, I really appreciate it. And I'll try and share the links around.
Thank you very much. I do not own too many series on DVD as most of the toku shows that I like are already available online for free. I only buy them if what's online isn't of sufficient quality or if they are not available at all. The shows I do have are Robot Keiji, Android Kikaider, Kikaider 01, Gekko Kamen and Kamen Rider V3. Android Kikaider and it's sequel have been uploaded. I'll have to do the rest at another time.
thanks for the share but the picture quality is terribleā€¦. whoever encoded that is an asshole.
I have rips of the Generation Kikaida DVDs, Glamrick's rip, and a home made rip in HD 1080 from the Japanese DVDs. Glamrick's rip is the worst one. It is the same pic dimensions as the old Generation Kikaida rip that has been going around the net for years, but the GK DVDs were actually restored before release; the Japanese DVDs, even the new ones available today, were not restored and are very poor quality. If you compare the pic of this rip to the GK rip side by side scene for scene, the GK rip (though far from perfect) is actually far less blurry than this one and has genuine bright color whereas the color in this rip, like its Japanese source DVDs, looks extremely yellowed with age and deterioration.
I highly recommend the Kikaida series if you've never seen it. It is very refreshing to see a series that doesn't have ANY zionist/masonic/marxist globalist propaganda in it!
@Nyanentity My dvd rip is of much higher quality than the videos available in this torrent but now that the show has been released to blu ray they are obsolete. The "home made HD 1080p rip" you describe is an upscaled and of poor quality. I'll replace the files in my mega folder with BD rips when I have time. It will look much better.
thank you for the much higher quality version glamrick :)