[P-O] Pocket Monsters 001 ENGLISH SUB (DIGITAL REMASTER -- Pokemon Smash!)

2012-06-04 00:49 UTC
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_What is Pokemon Smash! ?_ Refer to [http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon\_Smash!](http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon_Smash!) _Digital remaster?_ Yes, on the April 1, 2012 airing of Pokemon Smash! they showed a digital remaster (presumably scans from the original film source) which provided for many improvements. The improvements are as follows (not necessarily an exhaustive list): 1. There is no glue/glop at the top or bottom of frames from film splices, which are on the TV airings and DVDs. 2. Much cleaner video. Everything is much sharper and the color is much better. 3. Certain scenes that did not have special effects in anything but the original airing are now restored. 3a. Around 01:41, the alternating red and white background was static. In the new Digital Remaster, it is alternating as it should be. 3b. Around 06:03, When Pikachu came out of the Monster Ball, the animation was recolored and is much better in the digital remaster. 3c. Around 06:39, when Pikachu shocks both Prof. Orchid and Satoshi, the background was abysmal and didn't flicker very much from the Thunder Shock. In the digital remaster, it is restored to a brilliant color and rapid flickering from the sparks. **The picture below is an example of this.** 3d. Around 18:10, when Pikachu uses 100,000 Volts on the flock of Onisuzume, the column of thunder was darkened in everything after original airing. In the digital remaster, it is much brighter. Also, at the same time, the column of thunder was static in everything but original airing. With this new Digital Remaster, it is very clear that the column is moving. 3e. Very early in the episode, the blending from the Porygon edits on Satoshi's hand moving across the screen was removed. 4. There was an error with the sparkles from Ho-oh flying off into the sunset at 22:43. The sparkles did not dissipate correctly and continued for a brief moment after the transition. 5. The sparkles from Ho-oh are now golden in color in the digital remaster version. 6. Swedish Music. No really, the music for the sponsor card that Pokemon Smash chose was Domo Domo Domo by Swedish pop music group SMiLE.DK 7. The most important saved for last--HIGHER RESOLUTION. Yes, always a plus. Now, if only ShoPro would remaster all of The Original Series... [![Image](http://www.pictureshack.us/thumbs/78788_tos001REMASTER.png)](http://www.pictureshack.us/view_78788_tos001REMASTER.png) _Shocking, isn't it?_ Please enjoy this release! We enjoyed seeing the first episode of this iconic series receive a digital remaster and we hope you will too. Subs are softsubs and the video is free for you to use if you want to do translations to other languages. Please visit us at <irc://irc.hoshinet.org/pokemon-originals>

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