[Puto] Detective Conan - 286-288 Remastered (640x480 NTV)

2011-12-20 13:33 UTC
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This is the faster-paced, 'remastered' version of the NY Case that aired on October 27, 2008. Calling it 'remastered' is a bit of a stretch since all they did was upscale the original digital animation, but it's still an improvement over the DVD version, because the DVDs had some rather annoying issues (dotcrawl and rainbowing, some haloing, 30fps overlay-text) from a bad transfer that aren't seen in here. Looks a bit sharper, too. Still, since other than the prologue/op/ed/epilogue and overlay text, everything is an upscale, I chose to only release this in SD. There's really no point to having this in HD. As to whether you're better off watching this or the original 3-episode version? Up to personal preference. I personally prefer this version since the scenes that were removed to shorten this were mostly nothing but padding with no real meaning, a \*ton\* of repeated scenes, between the multiple episodes AND before/after eyecatches, and occasionally flashing back to Ran's fever in the present (the original version of the case had Ran delirious with fever and flashing back to the NY events, in this one she's at home and seeing a live broadcast of New York makes her remember said events). Also available on MultiUpload. See [here](http://puto.me/wordpress/2011/12/20/detective-conan-286-288-remastered-shinichi-kudos-new-york-case/) for more information on this. And many thanks to bluesun for his invaluable help with this release.

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