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2011-12-05 13:55 UTC
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![Image](http://i43.servimg.com/u/f43/14/93/60/08/839_vi10.jpg) Title: You're Under Arrest: Theme Song Full Collection Artist: V.A. Release Date: 2001.09.21 Tracklist: \[Disc 1\] 1. Starting UP 2. Blooming Days 3. CALLING 4. START Shiyou 5. GET A CHANCE 6. BRAND NEW DAY (ON AIR MIX Full ver.) 7. Yell ~ Anata no Tonari de 8. LOVE SOMEBODY 9. Sora wo Miagete 10. Thank You, Love 11. Boku de aru Tame ni \[Disc 2\] 1. Hare Nochi Pareedo 2. Matasete, Gomen ne 3. Go! Go! Patrouru ~ Kimi no Haato wo Taihosuru 4. Bokutou Koi Monogatari 5. 100mph no Yuuki 6. Arittake no Jounetsu de 7. 逮捕しちゃうぞ 涙の音ネタ丸秘トーク (Bonus Track) \[320kbps-Scans\] DLLl: <http://www.filesonic.com/file/4101589665>

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  • [Shinnru] You're Under Arrest Theme Song Full Collection.rar (258.8 MiB)
Hi! Is there someone that can please seed this? I'm only missing 30% and I'll leave it to seed myself once done, I've seen several people trying to download it :) thank you in advance
:-( been trying to download this for several times and it always gets stuck at 68% and there´s no other way to find this Music Collection anywhere on the net.