[Puto-RAW] Kaiketsu Zorro Episode 1 - DVDRip

2011-11-20 20:52 UTC
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Yes, there is a Zorro anime. And yes, Zorro has a freaking transformation sequence. So why am I posting a raw? Basically, I want to raise awareness to this ridiculously obscure yet pretty damn awesome show. I don’t have the patience to sub this show (it’s 52 episodes long and gets kinda repetitive in the middle) but I’d totally watch it if someone else were to sub it. All the raws online of this look like complete ass, and are probably VHS rips. This was ripped from the portuguese DVD release (dub-only) with the japanese audio from an online raw synchronised to it. The result is that it looks way better than every raw of this I’ve ever seen online. Who knows, maybe someone’ll watch it and be interested in subbing it? I can try. DDL link also available at http://puto.me

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  • [Puto-RAW] Kaiketsu Zorro - 01 - Seigi no Sign wa 'Z' [H264-AAC][1fc4947e].mkv (267.5 MiB)