[Puto] One Piece the Movie (Movie 1) - 720p Blu-ray Rip

2011-09-18 20:23 UTC
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So I recently purchased the Blu-ray to One Piece's first movie from France. I ripped it, and after getting permission from him, added GoldenUmi's subtitles (which in turn are based on Kaizoku-Fansubs' translation, I think, but without the wapa). I tweaked the subs a little and fixed a few typos, but by and large the subtitles in here are his work and Kaizoku-Fansubs', so most of the credit goes to them. I'll quote GoldenUmi's comments from his torrent post on ADC (filtering out stuff that's irrelevant): Quote: I realize this movie has been released with English subtitles before, (...) Also, I've changed the script to match up with FUNimation's style, something I will be doing for all of my One Piece releases. The original script comes from Kaizoku-Fansubs, which was then edited and distributed by Cyberfreak. I have made edits of my own. The Goie Goie Fruit has no official translation, so I chose to use "Scream Scream Fruit." "Goie" is a play on "voice" in Japanese. Finally, please support FUNimation and purchase the official version of this movie if/when it becomes avaiable. This release is also available on Megaupload; see http://pu7o.wordpress.com/2011/09/19/one-piece-movie-1-in-aitch-dee/ for more information on that.

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