Yusei Shonen Papi (1965) [TSHS] episode 35 [361C58BC].mp4

2011-07-01 18:20 UTC
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I started recording and collecting VHS tapes in 1982, but in the days before that I used to collect audio recordings. I learned early in my life that television programmers were constantly revising their schedules and that my favorite programs would often vanish, sometimes never to return. I would try to record an episode or two of my favorite shows, or sometimes just favorite moments, so that I could have those recordings to enjoy in the future when the programs were no longer being shown. This was the only Papi episode that I managed to audio record off the TV of before the show was taken off the air. It's a favorite of mine for that reason, as well as its particularly complex and loopy storyline. Riko-chan has vanished and Papi's only clue to her whearabouts is a telepathic image of a mysterious castle that keeps appearing in his mind. He and his friends set off on a search to find her, with the aid of a giant computer programmed with information about the surface of the entire world (in the days before Google Earth), a worldwide media campaign to alert people to her diasappearance, and finally using the Telepathy Phone, a machine invented by the mysterious Professor Normack.

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