[Puto] Pocket Monsters aka Pokemon - Movie 3 (HD)

2011-03-05 15:04 UTC
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...wait, what? What's this about Pokémon Movie 3 in HD? Well, this is what happened: Apparently the dudes in #pokemon-originals got their hands on an HD rip of Movie 3's dub from the AppleTV service (which I think is Apple's video rental service? I'm not quite sure). It's not an upscale (though the opening and possibly the ending sequences ARE upscales - I guess 4Kids only did the credit overlays at 480p), and it looks absolutely gorgeous, [especially compared to the rather poor Japanese DVD](http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison.php?id=32626) ([even in SD](http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison.php?id=32627)!) So after a bit more research I found out that movie 3's dub didn't have any cut scenes at all (nor any paint edits, for that matter), so that gave me the motivation to sync the Japanese audio to it, and subtitle that. And here we are. Since my ISP throttles my connection quite severely when it comes to BitTorrent, I'd appreciate any help I could get seeding them. I'd also like to extend a big thank-you to the #pokemon-originals guys for helping me with this, especially FMA1394 who got me this gorgeous HD encode. They also got their hands on an HD rip of Movie 2's dub, so I'll be splicing in upscales of the deleted scenes on that one and putting out a v2 of that soon enough, with some translation fixes too. EDIT: More on the AppleTV thing: Quote: (nickstr) I think I can explain the AppleTV a bit further (nickstr) it's a device sold by Apple which connects to an HDTV that allows for the rental or purchase of movies and TV shows in either HD or SD along with other multimedia functions such as viewing pictures, listening to music, or viewing web content So there you go.

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