[Orphan] Chuck Shimezou (1080p)

2024-07-09 20:47 UTC
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Orphan presents the first English-subtitled version of *Chuck Shimezou*, from the 2019 edition of Anime Tamago (Young Animator's Training Project). This whimsical tale tells the story of minute creatures called Zipper Yokai, whose job is close any open zipper they encounter: ![screencap](https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEg5Nkre2Sj5_7Z5gD6VW3JI1YqaQ51FHpCqOAaMEPVFTqErxehKngmI0-IHy1noTL2nmrV0j7xssgZhw3ODZvOhYxCrrCOiFNdJzOzM1UmpYdkj_9u6ZZLReSCRXs14cHUWvJi2fzGn9a5RAzEJx1PyL69zEmNVwbI3QEgq8L3Ha4lBNKplgpYZ3W0bevKx/s1920/%5BOrphan-raw%5D%20Chakku%20Shimezu%20(HDTV%201080p)%20%5Bdelay%5D_001_877.png) While Mama and Papa Zipper Yokai are seasoned professionals, young Chuck is just starting and seems to have no luck at all, even getting captured by a human boy: ![screencap](https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEjbStv6iaeuuBLYsekFt86JRwhUdZBtZNI1hg321BlbTViBpkmgbEv4qxSOM21Xy_KEapVlMNbNkK5pv_EDustUn8CFvHwOb86A_agXySkFmgHG3XDYOrI098d5PvGOwYw-xzWtFd2Fti8i7ceWMmpFN3Xx9272ztGVUH2S4rFspwamK-Mfl3vpGpfIFZzd/s1920/%5BOrphan-raw%5D%20Chakku%20Shimezu%20(HDTV%201080p)%20%5Bdelay%5D_001_11879.png) Small adventures ensue, leading to a heart-warming ending for all concerned. 1080p HDTV encode. See [this blog entry](https://collectr.blogspot.com/2024/07/chuck-shimezou.html) for more details. I really liked the show, but I'm a sentimental *oji-san*. YMMV. This release, and all Orphan releases, are available for direct download from IRC bot Orphan|Arutha in channels #nibl or #news on irc.rizon.net.

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  • [Orphan] Chuck Shimezou (1080p) [7E7450B2].mkv (1.2 GiB)
In your raw release's description you stated that the source was either a web or HDTV encode while the torrent and file name both stated it to be HDTV-sourced. Given that this release is using the same raw as your Orphan-raw release does that mean you've confirmed that it was indeed *not* HDTV- but web-sourced?

archivisth (uploader)

@Kabbu - HDTV source; descriptions fixed.
Alrighty, thanks for the confirmation, archivisth.