[Alinanonymous] Dead Dead Demons Dededede Destruction 01 (1080p) [7DE5FF81].mkv

2024-06-21 12:26 UTC
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For the sake of transparency since people will probably recognize me from Some-Stuffs, I'm unaffiliated with Alinanonymous. My only contributions to this release were assisting with script cleanup and formatting, light text changes, and muxing everything for release. The video and audio are from SubsPlease with a new, heavily TLC'd script by Alinanonymous. I'm helping them out since I'm personally a huge fan of Inio Asano and Dead Dead Demons Dededede Destruction and want a release of this show that doesn't suck. The official TL is garbage, so do yourself a favor and watch this instead. Thanks!

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  • [Alinanonymous] Dead Dead Demons Dededede Destruction 01 (1080p) [7DE5FF81].mkv (1.4 GiB)
Oh my god, thank you! The official script for this show is unbearable.
could've uploaded as anon xd

Toni (uploader)

Yes, but that would entail me realizing that's even an option since my brain is cooked from 12 years of subbing Jojo :D
Thank you! Finally one can watch it!
Script comparison between this release and [4de]: https://www.diffchecker.com/37uUwdz8/ (forgot to remove linebreaks but >cba) Should be noted that Alinanonymous does not have any typesetting and worse video since it is not using the English master for location/time signs (which were recreated for the simuldub release)
Would be nice if Ocean Productions didn't fuck this up completely and would allow CR to sub the JP version. So, they can leave the dub script with the dub.
Dub version video has eng hardsubs for onscreen text and signs. Mix this with Jap audio https://nyaa.si/view/1826169
Thank you kindly, the mistranslations that 4de retained bothered me too much when watching and dropped the show halfway through the first episode. I can now continue watching!
...with worse audio and video
Thank you, was waiting for good subs to watch it, much appreciated!
Thank fucking god I found this unwatchable with the default dubtitles being released. Please keep at it for the whole series if you can
thank you for this! are you planning to do the rest of the show?
Minor typo at 20:48 "I'm such a cold-hearted daugher"

Toni (uploader)

@Rowri88 Yes, I've talked to Alinanonymous and they've said they intend to do the full show.
Someone just needs to extract these subtitles and embed them onto a better video.
I don’t know if I agree with the “sext” line (imo it's mocking Kiho's post for pretending she isn’t just horny) but most everything else looks solid. Thanks for improving on the official script.
Finally, the show is now watchable. @NekoTrix if the audio/video is bad then download just the subtitles separately from animetosho and use them on your preferred video file. That's what I'd do.
the ONE subber who had sub everything and only did first episode...? sad


🙏 episode 2 is surely right around the corner, bros... stay strong
waiting for the second episode
the rest of the world has good subs... sucks to be an anglo
At this rate, I'm going for German subtitles with my B1 certificate. Good luck losers.
die deutschen untertitel sind sehr gut. ich kann mir vorstellen, dass die sehr hilfreich dabei sein können, normales alltagsdeutsch kennen zu lernen, da die übersetzungen teils sehr umgangssprachlich sind.

Toni (uploader)

I have word from Alinanonymous that episode 2 will be out tomorrow.