[Erai-raws] Urusei Yatsura (2022) 2nd Season - 23 [1080p] [ENG]

2024-06-20 17:52 UTC
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  • [Erai-raws] Urusei Yatsura (2022) 2nd Season - 23 [1080p][4F560997].mkv (897.7 MiB)
I think most would've been more sad to wave them goodbye if the series had the ecchi people wanted around it in this remake, But oh well xP
Urusei Yatsura isn't an ecchi series just because it had a few nude scenes in the manga.
Shoujo Ramune is not a hentai series just because it had a few sex scenes in the anime.
I ganna put in some wall to explain things better~ (have to cut it to parts too due to nyaa limitations) The main issue with remakes tends to be one/some of the follows, Some of them lose their charm due to: •Not always being reliable as the former series or source by being rushed or change things to fit our times which can sometime hurt the overall series (especially with censorships), •Not surpassing the former series in people minds (not necessarily the remake's fault, but more of the audience's and how first impression works, which basically make them to not acknowledge the remake as better from the former series even if it was the case in nearly every aspect), •Being made with only money as the aim (kinda highlighted what I've said the first line about series being rushed) which result in a soulless remake, or "product" if you ask the studio involved, •Being made for target audience that isn't around anymore and not being appreciated by new gen (don't get me started on Gen-Z btw), •Change in times affect the overall vibe of the work (kinda related again to the first, and fourth lines, but here I mostly refer to how times actually affect the studios and author side of the work, which won't go as far as they could back then due to different factors like: age, more restrictions that force their hand such as no room for filler eps, being force to cut stuff to fit the time slot, etc.),
I'm not saying that the Urusei remake checked all of the boxes of these cases, but it didn't went viral in Japan due to some of them, The story wasn't anything big to begin with and nothing new these days to create some impact, There were no room for ideas-on-the-go like studios tend to do back then when they didn't came up with the cour system or time slots we got today and basically did 100 ep series with no stops that help it stick in the viewer minds more, I also think that both new and (whoever was left) from the old audiences ~~exclude bleeding heart PC SJW and probably a lot of Gen-Z westerns~~ expected to see a lot of ecchi from a remake of a series that was the inspiration for most ecchi series we had in the early 2000s such as To love-ru which the creator seem take direct inspiration from Urusei Yatsura when he made it,
At the end of the day we got something that wasn't exactly soulless but lack some charm points that made people forgot about it quite fast or not see it as some of the main attractions of the anime seasons it aired it depsite the nice visuals and comedy from the 60s that I personally really liked. If it aired at 2017- they probably would've add nips and maybe more ecchi moments to make it more appealing to the ~~true~~ audience, but alas, we got a series with nice visuals, no real story, cut content (from what I've got so far?) and censored content they could take to the next level instead and decided to play safe for westerns and sells sake (mainly referring to streaming services here), even Inuyasha had more service to it while the sequel series lack any at all as well, Add to that that most of the original audience probably isn't around anymore and whoever was left or was exposed to it from the early 2000s probably expected more ecchi moments from the series, and you got some dry comedy series with so-so story, that try to play safe with ecchi, yet not play safe with 60s style jokes that I don't see SJW western audience accept, which dk to which type of audience it aim for. And sadly these things really matters at the end of the day about the fate of the series even if it was good enough for us as is.
@Aikawa First guy compared it with an ecchi and now this guy is comparing it with a hentai. What a dumbass. I can probably count on one hand how many times Urusei Yatsura had nudity/ecchi scenes out of 366 chapters. If that makes it ecchi/hentai then every fucking anime is a hentai/ecchi anime.
Its not about the **amount** of nudity to determine if its an ecchi show or not. And thats not the point anyways, gl.
"•Being made with only money as the aim" hmmmm ... isnt that the whole purpose of all anime, manga, and light novels ? I mean let's get real, these stories are not Shakespeare or ancient Greek drama, they are stories that are just supposed to entertain ... isnt that why the most commercially successful ones last for decades, literally ... like One Piece, Detective Conan, Naruto, and even older ones like Ah Megami-sama (Oh My Goddess) ... after all, there are only a small handful of plot ideas, that get used over and over and over and over and over again, even though most cant tell that story creators just change minor details, and then pretend it is a "BRAND NEW STORY"
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