[Bereke Scrubs] Yu-Gi-Oh (1998) - Movie [480p]

2024-05-26 23:37 UTC
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NOTE: Since this has been released, the LonelyChaser and KinekoVideo release of this film has come out and is generally an improvement we think. [Check it out!](https://nyaa.si/view/1832479) This is an English subtitled release of the theatrical movie for the 1998 Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, also known as “Season Zero” or the Toei anime. The theatrical movie has been moved to a separate torrent due to the high likelyhood of the Kineko Video release of the movie obsoleting it soon when it is available for download and the lack of changes since our v1 release. The video was taken from a DVD bootleg of the laserdisc version. This uses the TV-Nihon translation for the movie with the translation then checked and retranslated in places by ERankedLuck, and edited for spelling, grammar, and bringing in line with the official manga translation. A few onscreen card texts were taken from Yugipedia. The video is encoded in 480p H.264 with AAC audio with softsubs. A second release is available with hardsubs. A second subtitle track is included which uses names from the English 4Kids anime dub. Thanks to TV-Nihon, ERankedLuck, and Yugipedia editors for the materials used in this release! :)

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IMO you should delete these since kineko is much better thus this is obsolete.