(shiteater) Dr. Slump & Arale-chan 159 [8413A2DE]

2024-05-25 22:57 UTC
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https://shiteatersubs2.wordpress.com/ shiteatersubs presents Dr. Slump & Arale-chan episode 159 in Japanese with English subtitles. Translated & Timed by: incognitoartist Edited by: shiteaterbubibinman Quality Consultant: Nanto https://skarohuntingsociety.wordpress.com/ Special Thanks to: Hozonkai, Amer Thanks immensely to incognitoartist for his stunning translation. Thanks very, very much to Nanto for his contributions. If you watch this episode and think, oh my, the subs sure look great! — we have Nanto to thank for that. Visit him if you will at his amazing fansub site for more extremely professional looking subs: https://skarohuntingsociety.wordpress.com/ Special thanks to Hozonkai for graciously donating to pay for the translation of this episode. Also, our sincerest gratitude to our dear friend Amer for donating the second box set, the source of our current episodes. --- "Truck-kun claims a young lady’s life, so she comes back as a ghost and promises to haunt Senbei until he creates an invention to bring her back from the dead! Turbo suggests that they travel back in time to stop the event from occurring, therefore he manifests a new time machine and they go back to two weeks in the past to stop her from making a traffic safety faux pas…"

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