The God-Slaying Demon King: Reincarnated as a Mere Mortal to Become the Strongest in History! 001-013 as v01-03 (Digital-Compilation) (Oak)

2024-05-21 16:30 UTC
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Obtained directly from [Manga UP!]( [Converted and denoised]( x3072 **4-bit (16 Colors) PNG** images, split dual-pages are merged. *These compiled volumes include raw pages from the Japanese volumes to keep the page count and numbering correct for ‘complete’ tank-style volumes.* - These volumes start with **right-side page** first (no inner cover page), start with **two** pages on dual-view readers for correct page order. - All image filenames are tagged and are having page numbers according to the ToC. **Fixed: Used different raws for volumes 1-3 and going forward, also fixed two accidental grayscaled color raw pages in volume 1.** **PRE Removal: Chapter 9 is now complete, Manga UP! Global finally added part 9.3 to their catalog.** ---- Volumes 01-03 contain chapters 001-013. Chapters 001-013 only: ![logo](

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  • The God-Slaying Demon King (Digital) (Oak)
    • The God-Slaying Demon King v01 (Digital-Compilation) (Oak) (f).cbz (189.4 MiB)
    • The God-Slaying Demon King v02 (Digital-Compilation) (Oak) (f).cbz (211.6 MiB)
    • The God-Slaying Demon King v03 (Digital-Compilation) (Oak) (f).cbz (240.1 MiB)