[MaruChanSubs] Chibi Maruko-chan (1990) 125 (480p)

2024-05-19 19:23 UTC
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![CMC125](https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEjH0K3hcs8yMdDChgC8pd4IXG7MfjRRyikfBxm9zbNIYWBkh8cumA6ghS-yqMPjmLF7Vv-eh6gLpfBTVnjXf_o_6SW_Rybgj2nBrfPHnyfryJDbqh9qmtwdI_0NoHK4JHDpIEjfGsUhSFloyUI-dBMiVPuZXr-K7HeVavlThKHrlR9T4KWiFwqQt9dXifM/w400-h301/Chibi%20Maruko-chan%20125%20%5BBDRemux%201080p%5D.mkv_20240518_172800.226.jpg "CMC125") **Episode 125: Yocchan's Girlfriend!** **Original Airdate: May 31st, 1992** The Sakura household is set abuzz when Maruko's cousin Yocchan decides to pay a visit alongside his new girlfriend.

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  • [MaruChanSubs] Chibi Maruko-chan (1990) 125 (480p).mkv (367.6 MiB)
Thanks so much! Great. I changed from the 1080 to the 480. The 1080, I find far too sharpened, and far, far too color-saturated, almost unnatural colors, and flat image, no dynamic deep. (A matter of taste, I know.) Also, I wonder whether I have missed some new-made episodes, I can't find them anyway, or did you never upload episodes 31-59 and 66-80, in 480?

MaruChanSubs (uploader)

@JackAssborn Never did release them in torrent form officially. Once I reach 31 in the HD rereleases, I'll start putting out an SD release alongside it to help fill in the gaps. If you're unwilling to wait, there's a few torrents on here collecting my YouTube output.
👍 Thanks, MaruChan ❤️ I'll wait, I was just wondering, since 60-65 were made in 480, if I did miss something. I have all your YT outputs, have been collecting them shortly after that you started, once upon a time. So I have 31-59 and 66-80 from your YT release, and have all the others replaced with the newer ones. Thanks so much for all of them!
Furthermore, I'm downing the new episodes, from Erai-raws, 1419 to 1431 (as of now). Do you happen to know whether that suite started with 1419? Why 1419? Or if earlier episodes than that exist? As far as I understand, CR started with that very 1419. Why is that? A newly released DVD/BD/broadcasting? Or what?

MaruChanSubs (uploader)

@JackAssborn No one really quite knows for sure -- that was just when Crunchyroll decided to start carrying the series. They generally carry things by season and Episode 1419 might have aligned with the start of the Winter 2024 season. At least as far as I'm aware, everything about them starting to carry the show and the reasons leading to the decision are a bit of a mystery.
I see. Thanks, MaruChan!