MegaBeast Investigator Juspion [US SD-BD] [Remux| [1-46] [480p] [Complete]

2024-04-27 03:31 UTC
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The entire Juspion series taken from the Discotek SD BD. It is also just left as one file with the episodes back to back as it is.

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  • MegaBeast Investigator Juspion.mkv (39.0 GiB)
hm, I don't think I feel to have all of them too much effort to change which episode given the length; perhaps at least separated by how many episodes per disc would of been better. Though I hope someone else can split them if they have time
Holy shit I just realize you've "cramp" it all in 1 video
At least split the video man
It's a goddamn, fucking pain in the butthole to split one giant m2ts file-try it sometime and don't shitting tell me "It's easy"-bullshit!!
It is easy, not being able to is a skill issue
It's not a skill issue, it's a fucking time intensive headache.
It is a skill issue, it takes less than a minute to download dgdemux and split the file.
To split this just load the file into mkvtoolnix go to output and select "Before Chapters" as the "Split mode" then just paste this 7,12,17,22,27,32,37,42,47,52,57,62,67,72,77,82,87,92,97,102,107,112,117,122,127,132,137,142,147,152,157,162,167,172,177,182,187,192,197,202,207,212,217,222,227 and run the mux Took 5 minutes to figure out
Even splitting it manually isn't that big a deal, takes about 10 minutes. less than half if you use mkvtoolnix like the comment above.
lol. Love this comment section. "-try it sometime and don’t shitting tell me “It’s easy”-bullshit!!" Only to have several people come in with how easy it really is, in different ways. Minimum effort unskilled folk really do think because they can't do it it must be really difficult. Could never just admit they are clueless.

CSManiac33 (uploader)

@kaisterstar1 its a single Standard Definition Blu-ray so I can't really split it by disc. @hshcsen @zrdb this was a pretty low effort thing I did since the SD BD is now OoP. I already had the mkv ripped onto my computer for a while and just never bothered splitting it myself since I don't think I'm gonna ever go back and finish it since I don't think the show is very good.
It's pretty trivial to split in Handbrake. I ripped my copy of Discotek's Black RX when it came out (just for me, I'm not posting it anywhere) and it was pretty trivial for me to split by chapter in Handbrake. It's always 5 chapters per episode (except the finale). It's just a matter of selecting the right chapters from the dropdown (and I just go 1-5, 6-10, 11-15... super easy to remember, I never lose my place), then edit the filename, and hit the add to queue button. It takes me like maybe a minute, maybe two at most, to go through 13 episodes like that. It might even be easier than one title per episode, because then I don't have to worry about my settings getting clobbered by loading another file. Juspion is a bit more effort since the whole series is on one disc (and it's been long enough since I've looked at Juspion that I can't remember how many chapters per episode it is) but still, it's just a handful of minutes.