[SubsPlease] Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken - 52 (1080p) [F6EB68A4].mkv

2024-04-26 15:32 UTC
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  • [SubsPlease] Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken - 52 (1080p) [F6EB68A4].mkv (1.4 GiB)
omgg!! it's stereo!!!
Yep. I'll have to abandon my muxing ritual but that's something I won't miss. Gotta wonder how sheepish the CR folks' faces were when the complaints finally filtered down to them.
Damn Crunchyroll got their head out of their ass
The issue wasn't unique to Crunchyroll, so it was probably the fault of whoever was in charge of sending them the video.
u need stereo so u can really HEAR the NUANCES in the DIALOGUE
Why are you so against mono audio? Is it because society has brainwashed you into believing that more is always better? Let me expose the profound virtues of mono audio that the stereo propaganda doesn't want you to know! Mono audio is the epitome of versatility—it frees you from the need for two ears; with mono, you only need one! Why be bound to stereo when mono liberates you? And consider multitasking, the true power of mono. One mono track per ear allows you to double your audio intake. News in one ear, music in the other—double your efficiency, double your productivity. Moreover, the stark truth is that most microphones are mono. Stereo is a societal sham, an elaborate fabrication designed specifically to oppress mono users! It’s an artifice to enforce costly, complex stereo setups, while pure, authentic mono has been delivering truth directly to our ears all along. Mono is also the trend—mono is the future, stereo is for boomers. You either embrace mono or get left in the past.
I gotta say, a tongue-in-cheek diatribe seems to do more to silence arbitrarily contrarian nitwits than any nuanced defense ever could.
Yeah, I can't believe they made this show stereo like any other. Mono was the only thing that made the show truly stand out from others. It was finally watchable, and then they had to adjust to inferior standards to please a few people. I've already watched too much anime in stereo. Dropped.
Finishing a daily work with meetings after meetings, and then starting a slime meeting. Oh, it seems that there's going to be another meeting next week too.
>I gotta say, a tongue-in-cheek diatribe seems to do more to silence arbitrarily contrarian nitwits than any nuanced defense ever could. he posted that 14 minutes after me, is it really tongue in cheek if ur tapping so hard on ur keyboard I can hear it across the planet lmao
uh I mean forsooth, binaural strumpet! thine witless words bandied, thine shrivelled cock dangle, I do make Farts upon thy rippling Bosom.
sure, but when you heard it across the planet, you heard it in true audio, right? in mono? the truth always prevails.
ive actually just got one giant ear where my asshole should be im outed FUCK