[Inka-Subs] Muu no Hakugei - The White Whale of Muu - 01

2024-04-22 21:08 UTC
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![muu01](https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEgypIGQijn2IM_oi2cI5aedaxGzgJXZS-4GYpxn6RuWpk-UR_3GvRQhpwt77sO-Eu-haXhCt7wczv_GOLuKHStF-zQL2baCAoJivbH8RPEwPvQQC0GPLg5Q-rRDRFd2vToC1KuIhE1Nj_jURWTlUnwsqeGO6Gqm1hLK7m6NbZMvLvwa0bAdpxCsqoeneX9N/w800/1.png) #### Episode 01: The White Whale Awakens! Happy 5th anniversary to Inka-Subs! Five years ago, Touge agreed to translate one episode of Galvion because Live-Evil wouldn't do it, and now we're here. In celebration, here's the first episode of the latest project we've started! We don't have a backlog built up on it quite yet, so it'll be a while before the next one, but we wanted to put this out to celebrate the anniversary today. If you're interested in translating on this project, let us know, Sergio thought it was lame, but what does he know. | Role | Staff | | ----------- | ----------- | | Raws, Editor | darkcart | | Encoder | *R* | | Timer, Typsetter| TougeWolf | | Translator | MrSergio | | Translation Checker | Darkonius | | Quality Check | Muzu | [Email](mailto:inka.subs@gmail.com) | [Discord](https://discord.gg/dcxuRvg)

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  • [Inka-Subs] Muu no Hakugei - The White Whale of Muu - 01.mkv (1.2 GiB)
Thanks so much guys!!
Congratulations and fantastic job, thanks for picking up another retro show!
Wow thats amazing, the OP is so nice too, glad to see it finally subbed! Thank you!
Wow, never heard of this one, but it looks marvellous.