[SubsPlease] Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken - 51 (1080p) [FB1264C1].mkv

2024-04-19 15:31 UTC
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1.4 GiB
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  • [SubsPlease] Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken - 51 (1080p) [FB1264C1].mkv (1.4 GiB)
TimelessBear waiting room.
putting my headphones on backwards for this one
I'm just going to assume this is in mono just like the last two releases have been. Which means it's time to grab the 480p version, plus the 2160p B-Global version, and mux the (superior) CR subs into the (actually stereo) B-Global release.
or maybe just watch the cartoon for teenage boys in mono because lmfao
Critiques from somebody using a keyboard with evidently busted shift and punctuation keys. Yeah, I listen to those.
Oh, my garrulous, wishfully vexatious tinpot bumpkin baby boy. Your dreams; ego, sexual prowess, all are wrought to the finest dust betwixt the heaving keys that _thwack_ down upon cherry stems to drum the beat of my munificent, insurmountable powers of Anglo Bullshit across thine hairless chest. so yah anyway just watch the fuckin cartoon man this shit aint ulysses yfeel? ur not gonna activate more dopamine receptors by increasing the bitrate lmfao
I guess you can get back to me when you've got a decent set of cans and a transparent amp/DAC setup to drive them. Tell me how much you've been enjoying that early 90s experience of a completely absent soundstage. I am of course taking it for granted that you don't watch all your media with one out of two earbuds in actual use—perhaps you will allow that other folks have different standards.
I'm gonna have to agree with @Fredas2021 for this once, just for the sake of agreeing, not because he sucked my cock. @domwx you are a murderer with a keyboard, you killed our families with your words and how dare you Shakespeare your way out of it. You are defending mono sound because you didn't feel like downloading a different torrent. You are defending mono sound because you are a goddamn sociopath who doesn't know his place. God (allah) never should have blessed you with 2 ears. May the Lord (not god) Subsplease have peace upon your soul and I hope that the mighty Reddit (they're always right) shan't find your comment. Also I have to admit I'm Rowan on an alt and my lover is DmonHiro (jacked off to a deepfake with his avatar twice last night).
nyaa comments are often more entertaining than the anime episode itself
sniff hmm yes I simply cannot appreciate the Soundscape without Balanced Cables and vacuum tubes crafted by blinded wakandan orphans from their ancestor's penis bones
@Killuaalt dont do it to me like this man we could have been GREAT together beneath the light of Allah (pbuh)
@domwx Rest assured, we're united in this journey, recognizing that Allah is the ultimate orchestrator, fine-tuning our experiences like an unparalleled amp and equalizer. In moments of monochrome, Allah paints our world in stereo; in the realm of stereo, He elevates us to the immersive realms of Dolby Atmos. Yet even amidst the grandeur of Atmos, Allah unveils the richness of DTS. And as we revel in the clarity of DTS, Allah introduces us to the intricacies of Windows Sonic for headphones. With each advancement, Allah graciously bestows upon us the gift of speakers, leading us into the realm of soundbars, and beyond. As we embrace the cinematic marvels, Allah continues to unveil wonders—from the allure of standard cinema to the grandeur of Dolby Cinema, and even the breathtaking scale of IMAX. Truly, Allah's generosity knows no bounds, and in His boundless grace, we find contentment beyond measure.
In The Name Of The Almighty God I Will Turn My Headphones Back The Right Way (may the Prophet (pbuh) bless this Jihad bismillah bismillah bismillah) Atmos Is Next To Godliness I Hear The Songs Of Mala'ik In My Earcups
that's the spirit brother, we are not going to skip our prayers like the kafir @fredas2021 (astaghfirullah) who said he's going to spend an insane amount of effort and time "muxing" like a nerd. All you really need is to say a Dua in your headphones, spitting a few times in each earcup, kiss it and voila, allahu akbar. I also do Dua to repel certain nyaa commenters (succesfully), but that's a story for another day.
My cat died today so I am not feeling it. PS This is s03e03
sorry about your loss man, pets are blessed my thoughts are with you ❤️
Do they even put any effort at all into this show's sound design anyway?
Tfw too intelligent (over 130 iq, mensa certified) and too rich (over 8figs) to listen to mono poop audio.