[Gematria] Blue Archive The Animation - 01 (h265-1080p Opus-2ch)

2024-04-12 03:29 UTC
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Edit: it has been brought to my attention there's an option on the later branches of MPC-HC, like clsid2's (https://github.com/clsid2/mpc-hc/releases), to use libass for SSA/ASS subtitles. It not only fixes the sign mentioned latter, but does many other great things and as such, I'm surprised it's not on by default. You can find this option under Options -> Subtitles -> Default style -> Use libass for SSA/ASS (on the bottom right of the page). Personally, I would recommend all still using MPC-HC and its variants to at least be on a branch that has this option and enable it, regardless of watching this show or anything else. ~~Use mpv, not all the typesetting will work with MPC-HC unless you have some amazing external shit I don't know about. In fact, if it does work, please tell me what you're using with MPC-HC.~~ Enjoy!

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  • [Gematria] Blue Archive The Animation - 01 (h265-1080p Opus-2ch).mkv (389.3 MiB)
Could you be a little more specific about what isn't supposed to work on MPC? Cause I'm using it, but if I don't know what to look for, I can't say if it worked or not. Thanks.
@DmonHiro A sign at roughly 14:00 (the text on the chalkboard) won't render properly, showing just a few letters rather than the full thing
Figured someone would use this tag for a release at some point. Sooner than expected though. No clue how this compares to [Phrenapates], will have to compare.
Yup, that sign won't show. I don't get why though... oh well...no big deal. Thanks for the subs.
The reason it breaks is the font used. It's very complex, which means vsfilter (which most MPC installs still use) gives up on it. It works fine in mpv, because that uses libass. Newer MPC versions should also use libass, though, so it _should_ work fine on those?
yeah mpc-hc has supported libass for a while now. and it's faster too. no reason not to use it tbh.


Doesn't work here. HPC-HC 2.2 with internal subtitle renderer is [missing the bottom two lines](https://i.imgur.com/QsOYaqn.png) and most of the second. But it worked in mpv. Edit: Also interesting, the font itself does not render the same in mpv. Note how much [thicker the chalk seems to be](https://i.imgur.com/f9wxpYL.jpeg) in the letters. Where there is more green board showing through in the strokes on HPC-HC. Comparison: https://i.imgur.com/CJ9XWnK.png
I just changed the font to Brushed. Modern problems require modern solutions.
Like with [Phrenapates], this is a significant improvement over officials, though I think [Phrenapates] has the better script. This one has some weird TLs here and there. That said, this one has honorifics, which is a plus for me personally, (though I know not everyone agress.) It missed a couple though. TS is substantially better than [Phrenapates], but not perfect. For example: the phone at 7:52 for example has part of the sign tracked when it shouldn't be, and most signs have some perspective issues. Timing is better too, as [Phrenapates] just used official timing which was not great. Encode doesn't seem great but that isn't my area of expertise so idk. Valid option, but doesn't completely trump [Phrenapates] if you care about script quality. The other release I know of/am involved in is still in the works and aims to be better than both, but its kind of unfair for me to shill a project I'm part of... compare them all when it comes out and judge for yourself.
It worked fine in MPC-HC for me. https://i.imgur.com/NtMKddW.png I'm using this https://github.com/Masaiki/xy-VSFilter/releases XySubFilter which uses libass instead of vsfilter
Thank you for the release Farfie. Also, thank you for the information MarioLuigi0404. I'll compare all 3 releases once yours is out. Since you mentioned honorifics can I assume yours will also include them and will use Sensei too?
@Skullcrane ours will have two tracks
Are you going to continue/finish this project? At least until an actual group picks it up? Thanks.

Farfie (uploader)

Yes, we will finish.
Dialogue style sucks.