[WakuWan] Wonderful Precure! - 01 (WEB 1080p HEVC AAC) [9026B5E4].mkv

2024-04-01 04:05 UTC
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![](https://i.imgur.com/zxQyE9r.png) Happy April Fools' Day, motherfuckers. The joke is that we're only doing one episode. If you want more episodes, do it yourself™. ___ No notes on the encode, we just used CR. However, I do have some editing notes instead. * I wanted to render their ワンダフルー catchphrase as "Terruffic" to at least *somewhat* address the pun, but this was instantly thwarted by the fact that IT'S IN THE DAMN TITLE * Small difference between the honorific and non-honorific tracks: * The non-honorifics track has the ガルガル saying "huff" and "puff" just so I can have fun with one of the lines later in the episode. * The honorifics track has it going "garr" and "growl", which was our attempt at trying to adapt the monster saying its own name as "Garrgrowl". Get it? It's like gargoyle. * If we were to do more episodes, the monsters would be called "Garrgrowls". But since we're not doing more episodes, we don't have to worry about that :^) Also, slightly fancier song styling than what we had for Hirogaru. ___ Here's our staff: TLC, Song TLC: UMT-san Timing, Editing, TS, Song Styling: Falloree QC: petzku ___ The motivation for this project was that we thought it'd be funny. ___ ![](https://i.imgur.com/7OMwIyG.png "I'm doing it myself™")

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  • [WakuWan] Wonderful Precure! - 01 (WEB 1080p HEVC AAC) [9026B5E4].mkv (1.4 GiB)
the effort spent on making this coulda been spent on feeding children in africa

Falloree (uploader)

but i don't want to feed children in africa i want to waste time on a japanese kids' show
If the children in Africa really wanted food then they should just get a third and fourth job
I already started on Serenae's encodes So i'll pass on this. Thanks though.

Falloree (uploader)

it's a one-off release we did for april 1st, you're gonna have to stick with serenae anyway wise guy