[Arg0] Gushing Over Magical Girls (2024) - S01E01 (UNCENSORED BD Remux 1080p AVC FLAC 2.0) | Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete | Looking up to Magical Girls | I Admire Magical Girls, and... | Mahoako | Ultra Gushing Version | Chou Akogare

2024-03-31 12:22 UTC
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6.5 GiB
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Video JPN Blu-ray Remux Audio #1 Japanese / FLAC / 2.0 / 48 kHz / 24-bit Subtitles #1 English / Full Subtitles / ASS / Chihiro (modified) #2 English / Honorifics / ASS / Chihiro (modified) #3 English / Full Subtitles / ASS / SubsPlus+ (modified) #4 French / Full Subtitles / ASS / ADN #5 Portuguese (Brazilian) / Full Subtitles / ASS / Anime Onegai #6 Spanish (Latin American) / Full Subtitles / ASS / Anime Onegai #7 Spanish (Latin American) / Full Subtitles / ASS / Hidive Chapters: Named Notes: Has anime gone too far? Chihiro restyled and added manual line breaks. Made a non-honorifics track and removed kanji from the songs. Honorifics track has the kanji included. 17:43-17:55 BD change, the phone screen text was [moved a bit](https://i.slow.pics/oq9KfETO.png), TS was adjusted. SubsPlus+ resampled and restyled, Hidive from VARYG resampled, AO from ZigZag signs snapped to keyframes, ADN from Tsundere-Raws. The Spanish subs are different and AO includes songs so both are included. [Use MPV](https://mpv.io) | [MyAnimeList](https://myanimelist.net/anime/54722) | [AniDB](https://anidb.net/a17910) | [MediaInfo](https://bin.disroot.org/?e6c38959984c27a7#HJvCAncrccremUkgoJYmSRhjaxyFrigvRgTF9pooCQHa)

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  • Gushing.Over.Magical.Girls.S01E01.1080p.BluRay.REMUX.AVC.FLAC.2.0-Arg0.mkv (6.5 GiB)
> KADOKAWA top tier bd
>removed kanji from the songs. based but waste of bandwidth me thinks
Wow, for a 25 min episode this is big.. could be worse it could be a 300mb bit-rate starved mini mkv. Thanks @RaptoR will you doing the rest too?
wtf this episode doesn't fit in my 4gb usb
@thx4memes 4gb usb, lol im sure you have something bigger that that.
Nokou, are you retarded? This is a remux. This is what you make "regular" encodes out of.
DmonHiro no, not retarded just messing about and btw that's not a nice word to call some one.
# **Gushing over Magical Girls**
Are you doing this for the entire series?? Thanks, I guess...
Anyone has any info on what the supposed "uncensored audio" is for the blu-ray release compared to the AT-X version? And will there be release of the blu-ray ver for the full series after it comes out may 29th?
Who the fuck knows? One can only hope it happens.
Thought I was downloading a batch of the whole series but it's just 1 ep??? Waste my time.
You're gonna need that episode at some point. You'll be back.