[SubsPlease] Solo Leveling - 07.5 (1080p) [9F8A2A07].mkv

2024-02-25 04:41 UTC
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  • [SubsPlease] Solo Leveling - 07.5 (1080p) [9F8A2A07].mkv (1.3 GiB)
Great episode, can't wait for next week.
i am so grateful for this. i completely forgot what transpired in the last 7 episodes.
Is it just me, or does anyone else find this anime somehow.. bland? Like, don't get me wrong. I loved the manhwa. I like the story. It's just that, I've read many manga and manhwa in the past, then saw the anime adaptation, and enjoyed every minute of seeing a story I enjoyed be animated and voice acted and such. Yet, this one, somehow.. I feel as though I read the manhwa last week. It's like I already saw the anime and am re-watching it, instead of the fresh new feeling of seeing something for the first time. The animated version doesn't excite me the same way others have. It's super difficult to describe this feeling, I hope I did a passable job conveying it. Does anyone else feel this way? Or, is it maybe something like I enjoyed the story so much, I remember it too well?
@inconsistent Definitely this "Or, is it maybe something like I enjoyed the story so much, I remember it too well?" I read it a few years ago and only membered key points of the plot and characters. So I'm really enjoying it because it's like a "refreshner" in anime format. I don't get the usually feeling of something is off... My only grip is that Crunchy is cutting out the Monologues. For example the MC defeats Spider boss, than the rich kid terrified of him immediately gives him a glass of water, but the MC monologue thinks he was given the water because he saved the kid. There's the part where after the MC kills the human party and thinks about the morale dilema of killing, he's perception kicks in where he immediately starts to think about buying new clothes because of the blood. Another thing is, since the anime is getting a lot of hype, you shouldn't let get to your head because that hype always skyrockts people expectations.
Anime is not bad to watch, its closer to reality than just words and pictures. It's just that a story is long. Well its not like there is going to be released 100 eps at once, this would need a load of AI to make realistic ''non AI looking'' animation at push of button. I use AI on picture editing daily, it can definitely improve speed and quality with right usage. We could even see 4K anime then... but it feels like anime related stuff is very limited in west, at least here in EU, with majority preferring Disney like material...now that I think about it, it could be also language barrier, with English voices being not accurate to original - but AI can also generate similar voices in different language. For now just only wishes... there is certainly a lot of great animations, even from '70-'90 with great educational potential, fun but serious too.
So glad I waited and skipped the first 7 eps so I could digest them in cutup summary Cliff's Notes form halfway through the season. It just makes it into a managable concentrate I for one will not be diluting before consuming here. Mmmm, so rich, so reused, much trimmings.
@inconsistent The show is just poorly made. Whoever is making it aim to grab some money instead of trying to make it a good enjoyable adaptation. So it is a cheap piece of shit, barely managing to retell a fun story, missing on all the fun parts.