[SubsPlease] Sousou no Frieren - 23 (1080p) [1310F3C5].mkv

2024-02-16 16:01 UTC
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  • [SubsPlease] Sousou no Frieren - 23 (1080p) [1310F3C5].mkv (1.4 GiB)
Still overrated.
>show tries its best >it's overrated Crabs really are cancer.
all those sleepy eyes on every characters is really making me sleepy.. the title should be "sleepy no frieren"
Frieren == Shuu-chan today :3
Chucho no frieges
I hate the current popular thing!!!!
Finally a good episode!
Jeanberry-the only thing that's overrated is your sorry fucking ass.
>overrated you're just too much of an emotionally suppressed pissbrain to engage with anything that doesn't directly interface cunny with your dopamine receptors this show is so close to being something tremendous but man, it's kinda really fucking sad how a story built on small moments, the way we remember people and how lives drift past each other, the little things that make a person a person etc, just can't seem to find the _people_ in its characters but they're really trying, and the effort isn't wasted - freiren isn't quite there, but wherever they're going with this is worth being hopeful about blessed soundtrack too, evan call is just so good at scoring this flavour of show
@domwx you're retarded. @Xalren the hate isn't hating on it because it's FoTM we are two seasons in. This is legitimately where the manga peaked and slumped (magic test 1). The characters are shallow, it becomes another shounen, but these outcomes are predictable. You can't suffer dozens of chapters of just reminiscence on 'muh hero.' It's not like Frieren is bad, it really isn't, but it blows its load early and feels a bit directionless which is why I dropped the manga. I'm a legitimate hater of most anime because most are complete trash but Frieren is ok/10, let's not pretend its more than that
you just called me a retard then agreed with me lmfao like it's ok/10 because it can't stop being a pile of character tropes but is also entirely a show about characters so everything comes across wooden and 'FEEL THINGS NOW' so all you get out of the show is that it's nice to look at and the world exposition strawmans you into thinking there's something happening you're dumb for thinking it's bad because 'reminiscence', when it's actually bad because none of these characters are complete enough to make that reminiscence worth a shit it's an execution problem present in plenty of other madhouse works like ACCA which would be good as fuck if it wasn't just fucking boring
I agree 100% with Rowan. People these days don't recognize high quality anime, as 99% of anime's nowadays are absolutely horrible.
high quality doesn't mean it achieves what it wants to, which is why we're all arguing about it lmao this show is beautifully rendered but doesn't reach its own goals because madhouse try very hard to be 'faithful' to the source material and in the process get trapped too much in how they follow the source, because adapting manga too often means almost going page-by-page instead of _adapting_ the story - anime adaptations do this shit all the time and it's as bad as westoids pulling off shit like the halo tv series and completely ignoring the source material like say Kaguya-sama, which stands up because it has a personality, because it _adapts_ the source and because presentation separates it from both its source material and the 1001 other shitty romcoms - Gintama, Mob Psycho 100, 3-Gatsu all do the same fucking thing, they're more than just an animation of a source manga. plenty of great examples like this, plenty of fucking terrible ones, and plenty of forgettable disappointments based on much-loved source material anyway shows like this leave us all sulking because any time we smell greatness we immediately measure it by our own expectations because we're all chasing the high of that one really fucking good show we connected with when we fell down the pit of weebdom and we're always disappointed
@domwx: So well said. Manga and anime are two different genre, some stufff that works in one gerne, might not works in the other, thats why usually all anime is failing, when strictly following the source material. But some of them still doing this, probabaly because the dumb fans would cry if they alter stg. And then they dont even understand why the anime is going downhill.. Its like google translate vs real translate. The first one translating words by words, often missing key points, context, while a real translator see the whole picture and create the same content as the original text even if the words are not exactly the same as the source words. Strictly following the source is like google translating manga to anime.