A Beast's Descent Into Love (2024) (Digital) (1r0n)

2024-02-12 13:01 UTC
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### ***A Beast's Descent Into Love - Rui Asajima*** --- ***Official Site Link:*** **https://tokyopop.com/products/9781427877734_a-beasts-descent-into-love** ***Mangaupdates Link:*** **https://www.mangaupdates.com/series/edktxut** ***DDL Link:*** **https://mega.nz/folder/WRlw1KjZ#Sva7Mea4NRluF-FVLmnn7A** --- Hey guys, 1r0nL3gacy45, aka 1r0n is back again with another new upload! Today I'll be releasing Rui Asajima's **A Beast's Descent Into Love**! You can come visit our server [**here**](https://discord.gg/zTVH2AeaDA). **x2300 res rips, spreads joined, but otherwise unedited. DDL will be provided for the release. Hope you enjoy this release and as usual, happy reading folks!** ***PLEASE SEED*** ![logo](https://files.catbox.moe/0oycrz.jpg "Volume 1")

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Literally this batch upload full of gays 💪🤣
Bro loves his gay manga.
Holy crap, lots of gay stuff being released for fujoshis. At least the covers make it obvious so I don't have to go on searching to see if it's worthwhile to get.
I guess gay manga makes him hard as 1r0n... Relax snowflakes, it's just jokes.
@tsuna69 can you just add [Yaoi] on the Title so people can spare themselves
Better yet: omit the description entirely so that the insecure snowflakes will be forced to download and read.