[MahjongSoulless] Pon no Michi - 05 (1080p) [30F0UR6R]

2024-02-05 00:28 UTC
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Subtitles for the fifth episode of Pon no Michi by an anon from /a/.

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  • [MahjongSoulless] Pon no Michi - 05 (1080p) [30F0UR6R].mkv (324.8 MiB)
Still troll subs?
In case it wasn't already obvious, these subs are a Ghost Stories tier rewrite full of /pol/tard humor Edit: Not like I'm in a position to criticize anyone's memesubs. Just pointing out these exist solely for entertainment rather than as an alternative to B-Global.

PokemonTrainer (uploader)

[@Guncannon](https://nyaa.si/view/1774700#com-3) Damn, I love Ghost Stories.
/a/ would never.........
The problem is.... these ain't funny subs.
This isn't funny show and subs are its only saving grace.
Thanks for making this turd watchable!
An anon is trying to reach out to you to help out with the subbing please respond to his mails
know of a release with the actual subs? anyone with some experience watching anime know those phrases dont match the subs and i personally find it shocking
unfunny incel fansubs. the only funny thing is how 4channers are more npcs than actual nornalfags and that speaks volumes of their cringe ignorance. i would genuinely rope myself to death twice even in the afterlife than subject myself to such subhumanese translations.
i just want subs matching what the characters are actually saying. in the past, real fansubs use to do just that
These subs are like sex in my mouth
@Nillennir - You might try Bangumi Moe. There are some torrents for this show there. I use [GJ.Y] aka Kirara Fantasia for a lot of my Donghua torrents, and there subs are passable. I won't post links since they aren't Nyaa, but you can find them easy enough with a search.
I meant their subs. 🤦‍♂️ I am tired. 😜
@deadfish0 Since you're commenting on 5th episode already - just do it. One redditor less.
thank you, funniest shit in years.god bless ya.