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"Cool, actual fan fansubbers are doing the show..." "....oh. They're believers in taking all the japanese idioms out for the Doritos eaters.." Hit the QC hard. There's examples of "kiwi-chan" being spoken while "Leopard" is on-screen, and other obvious slackness. (Also, the raw has "レオパルト" => Leopardo - all the characters have 'trendy' foreign names, Spanish in her case.)
@cjb what? There's 2 instances of "Kiwi-chan" in the subtitles for this episode, and both literally have the characters saying キウィちゃん. Additionally, レオパルト in Japanese refers to the German Leopard tanks, which (surprise) is reminiscent of Leopard's abilities. Why would it be Spanish? If you're gonna complain, provide some actual timestamps, examples, and proof, instead of just making shit up.


Just the first time will do @4:08 "nanikore -> "who the hell are these idiots" @14:03 .. and all the "bakas" being totally rephrased into sentences to make an English teacher happy. Sulphur was a lot more insulting @19:47 ..these examples reek of machine translation. The QC should be at least noticing the output doesn't fit the scene/context. Chihiro doing a worse job than the dudsubbing, ffs. The commercial shops are at least translating by ear (..but having to butcher it down for the voice actor.)
1/2 So to start with, you're talking about the wrong episode. This is the episode 4, but you're talking about episode 3. Second, the line at 4:08 is レオバルト[...] いえ キウィちゃん, or in romaji, Reoparuto[...] ie Kiui-chan. You can quite clearly see that that's saying "Leopard... no, Kiwi-chan". Now, if we look at Chihiro's translation, what do you know, they've got "Leopard... No, Kiwi-chan...". Incredible, they correctly translated it! Perhaps you don't realize that Leopard and Kiwi are the same character? Or that this scene is saying that it's not just Kiwi's villain character (Leopard) is cute, but Kiwi itself. You also failed to address me question about Leopard being Spanish? At 14:04, it's actually 何こいつら, not 何これ. To help you out, [こいつら](https://jisho.org/search/%E3%81%93%E3%81%84%E3%81%A4%E3%82%89) means "these guys". So if we put that together, we literally get "What these guys", which if we turn it into English, gives "Who/what are these guys". Now if we make it match Kiwi's personality, "Who the hell are these idiots?" it's a great edit.
2/2 Regarding "baka" at 19:47 (ばかばか撃ちすぎやね魔力が切れそうやないの), not particularly sure why you think it's "a lot more insulting". Sure the translation doesn't have any direct name-calling, but it's pretty clearly an insult to Leopard, and covers the point well. You don't need to translate every baka to "idiot" or whatever you're thinking, you need to translate the point. I'd also LOVE if you could find me a machine translator that would spit out something like this. Sounds like they could take the job of most translators and editors if they're that competent. If it helps, I've provided some examples below, which are quite clearly way off the mark: Google Translate: Idiot, I'm shooting too much, I can't seem to run out of magic power. Deepl: You shoot too many times, you're going to run out of magic. ChatGPT: Isn't it stupid to shoot excessively? It seems like our magic power is running out, isn't it? ChatGPT (after asking it to add some flair): Isn't it utterly foolish to exhaust our shots so recklessly? It appears our magical reserves are on the brink of depletion, don't you think?
But there are times when using the wrong words can actually make a scene batter. But it's rare. example @14:37 in episode 2, When Leopard responds to Venarita's question if she likes magical girls. https://i.imgur.com/lBLXdoH.jpeg