[SubsPlease] Solo Leveling - 03 (1080p) [D60256CC].mkv

2024-01-20 17:31 UTC
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  • [SubsPlease] Solo Leveling - 03 (1080p) [D60256CC].mkv (1.3 GiB)
Bro didn't even watch the episode
With only 12 episodes a season this shit is going waaay too slow, i assume they are aiming for 2-cour setting?
Yes, its a 2-cour for season 1.
I was wrong. This was again not where the fun begins. Wow... this series is.... boring.
Why are korean manwha adaptations always so shit?
the juicy ads money baby, the more hype, the slower the story telling = more $$$. it's only logical, else good pacing doesn't generate as much dough, reminds me of a tv show, walking dead, makes me dislike drama series so much, too much drama for a supposely zombie/action show, boring as shit.
> Bro didn’t even watch the episode The statement was true tho, wasn't it?
I mean, the statement was made only 10 minutes after the episode came out. Whether or not you agree with a statement made by someone who is objectively trolling, the fact remains they are trolling.
@MONGIMOTZ nobody can take a vtuber loser seriously. Almost as bad as faten*****s like @Xerblade. This shit is fake overhype just like I said. MC becomes a literal God soon and women just get wet seeing him and he becomes a walking national ultragod. It's like every trope that's bad mixed into one nasty burrito but what's worse is it takes itself seriously. I can only assume its success is due to their being billions of asians with no wife, no option to even have a wife (there's over 300,000,000 more chinese men than women), and their lives being such shit with 80 hour work week minimums that any escapism is good.
@Rowan i just thought the pirate avatar was fitting sheesh. Calling me a loser while complaining about a popular anime like a hipster is BOLD. You watch anime... you're clearly just projecting lol.
is ther a dub `?