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2024-01-13 17:31 UTC
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  • [SubsPlease] Solo Leveling - 02 (1080p) [07415D5D].mkv (1.3 GiB)
This is when the fun begins !
Such trash, 2/10, you don't know what's a good anime is if you think this Japanese anime with Chinese origin is good.
a-1 pictures should've cheaped out on this one and put its budget in sword art online to show the koreans who's boss
Wow.... nothing fucking happened this episode EITHER. I'm amazed at this point.... frakyo, no.... this is NOT when the fun begins. Apparently, "the fun" begins next episode. Maybe.
@DmonHiro that's because it's overhyped trash
Thanks :3 People always has to cry about something,, but when they rush the show they also cry nothing new here, why even bother watching when you don't have fun watching just move on xD
@Xenovia90 there are legitimate concerns about this show that are more than people 'just crying about something.' This really is an instance of something completely shit being 'hyped' though thank heavens the hype is dying. At least Chainsawman despite its glaring flaws had a somewhat interesting source material, Solo Leveling doesn't
@Rowan Chainsaw Man has a good plot/manga, but the animation was fucked up, mappa always fucked up everything with their shitty schedule, they have to learn how to produce anime
It's faithful to the source material so far. That's how the manhwa was. For the people complaining, you voiced your "criticism."... stop watching.. although, I'm sure you'll come back again next week with the same whining. As for the person who said the source material of Solo Leveling isn't good.. why are you here then? Don't you have better things to do than come here every week, watch a 20 minutes episode, then complain? You already don't like the source material... and this Anime is following the source material to a dot ... So what are you doing here?
I liked the transition to the ED :)
Well it's a whole lot better than E1. Also I liked it, no complaints but that ED lol..... So not the show.
some people just cannot differentiate between Chinese and South Korean, must be some flaw in chatgpt/google or their education system, let me call these ppl to complain
@anti_rowan they are different cultures but on the inside 95% the same, mentally and emotionally. Aka no souls\ @Rook_Solid "iF yOU DoNT LiEK iT WhY ARe YooU HEeRE!?" lol shut the fuck up and I didn't watch it, I am here to hate on it, what are you gonna do about it? @YoSoy CSM manga is or at least was entertaining to me. I was just comparing how hyped up it was vs this. Chainsawman did have more hype but the anime was awful, I was just saying the source material is good. Nothing about Solo leveling is good though and the blatant racism towards Japanese people in it makes me wonder why so many people and even Japanese give it a pass. I just think its popularity and hype are artificial, which they are. Back onto a sidenote about Chainsawman though you have to understand that Mappa had plenty of time to crank out a better show. In fact Chainsawman is the most FUNDED anime of ALL TIME. Yes, more money went into CSM than anything else. The director and whoever else 100% embezzled and stole millions of dollars
Pilot took 3 episodes to establish main plot. But okay let's see next episode.
@Rowan, Not watching something but you're suddenly an expert on? lol... never thought I'd meet a low person like you.. You come here every week, every episode for this? You have nothing better to do in your life? I've seen you on other uploads commenting too. You're lowest of the lows.. no manners.. no nothing.. the type of person who thinks they're smart, but they're dumb as fuck. I hope you're just a troll.. because your life is sad otherwise. there are ways to discuss different opinions.. this shows me you never made it into the real world.. hiding behind your keyboard. I'd say have shitty rest of your life.. which is what you're heading towards. I'd also say get yourself help.. but you wouldn't listen to that. Seriously, ask for help.. from family members or even go to a psychiatrist. this is no way to live life. I hope things turn out better for you.
@Rook_Solid we're on the internet dumbfuck how else am I supposed to write besides using a keyboard? Calling me a keyboard warrior is pretty funny. The problem with the world is rats like you. You think the moment somebody has an opinion different than you that that person suddenly shit down your throat or something. I'm not hiding, if you can find me come confront me bitch. The rest of your post reeks of projection "never made it in the real world." Lol, I'm sorry you're an incel bro, I really am (not). Honestly you're really pathetic getting this bent over me. Nice Reddit spacing too moron.
@Rowan, having different opinions isn't the issue here.. the issue is you're a spoil brat that has no manners. I bet that you don't talk to anyone outside your little room like this (that's if you get out of your room at all), or you'll get your head bashed in like a little bitch. bye now, loser.. keep barking...
@Rook_Solid nice rubber/glue argument, project harder, look in a mirror, because you are what you say I am. Cry more?
The first 3 episodes should've been a movie lmao