The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu Tianmo.Pian).S01-S03E10.Chinese.Donghua.w.Eng.HardSubs Edited for Content(EFC)

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![The.Land.of.Miracles]( "The.Land.of.Miracles") **The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S01E001-S03E010 Edited for Content(EFC)** CHECK THIS ONE FOLKS. its highly underrated and is very entertaining. ___________________________________________ **From now on the EDITED FOR CONTENT(EFC) will be the BRAND for my** **Exclusive Edited Series which once torrent is started it will be upgraded and maintained REGULARLY unlike most things nyaa** **You can count on EFC to provide quality video cuts of popular anime and donghua Without all that video junk properly seeded on a seedbox.** **Requests are welcome** ___________________________________________ SUMMARY Lan Ge from Thunder City, is the son of the king of the Kingdom of Liberty and crown prince of Blue Domain, and Fa Hua, is a Law Codex Enforcer in the City of Wisdom in the Law Domain who later became the God Envoy of Wisdom. Both boys are commissioned by their elders to go out to find the "Peerless Bead' - one of the ALL powerful 7 Divine Beads - the seven most powerful artifacts in the Fairy Continent. The true comedy, endless bickering and nonstop antics begins when they BOTH find the bead at the same time and the Peerless Bead magically "joins" the two boys psychically, mentally and magically. Now these two sworn enemies who are Extreme polar opposites of one another and who hate each other with a passion can NEVER EVER escape each other and even hear one another's thoughts. Even their dreams are shared. Many events test the boys powers and if their pain and suffering being "linked" wasn't bad enough, they discover they are MOST powerful when they're actually physically touching each other. They would rather bath in acid than make physical contact making the comedy/adventure all the more Fun. Soon ALL the Fairy Continent discovers the boys "share" the magic Peerless Bead and tragedy strikes. __________________________ ALL INTRO MUSIC, PREV EPS RECAP, EXIT TRAILERS, AND NEXT EPS PREVIEWS HAVE BEEN REMOVED (except episode 001 - for any fans of the intro/exit music 001 was left intact but this intro music is just standard canned anime stuff - no biggie.) 15.0 hours of pure content - no interruptions. nice LONG 16-20 min of content episodes. suggest watching at 80% speed. the mandarin is spoken VERY fast and makes reading subtitles RUSHED and annoying IMHO. Potplayer is a fantastic video player and has special code to make spoken words sound NORMAL at slower speeds. To slow down just click the playback tab in console and click SLOWER and it goes down to 90% 80% 70% so forth with each click. Slower is ESPECIALLY useful when trying to learn another language as well. Other players have similar functions but the code to sound normal when slower is unique to Potplayer I believe. >>If you enjoy my releases please help seed as much as possible. I only have 100Mbit seed ability so any help you can give is GREATLY appreciated by me as well as others who get to enjoy my torrents thanks to your help, . YOUR COMMENTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME. Cheers>>

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  • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu)
    • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu.Tianmo.Pian).S01-S03E40.(EFC)
      • S01.(EFC)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu)+Bonus.Ending.S01E015.mkv (1.3 GiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S01E001.mkv (957.3 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S01E002.mkv (717.0 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S01E003.mkv (708.6 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S01E004.mkv (656.7 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S01E005.mkv (708.2 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S01E006.mkv (667.0 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S01E007.mkv (675.3 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S01E008.mkv (241.3 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S01E009.mkv (733.0 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S01E010.mkv (668.6 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S01E011.mkv (731.8 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S01E012.mkv (258.0 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S01E013.mkv (778.9 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S01E014.mkv (946.3 MiB)
      • S02.(EFC)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S02E016.mkv (345.8 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S02E017.mkv (403.2 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S02E018.mkv (426.8 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S02E019.mkv (383.7 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S02E020.mkv (347.0 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S02E021.mkv (402.0 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S02E022.mkv (346.7 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S02E023.mkv (347.7 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S02E024.mkv (329.6 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S02E025.mkv (332.6 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S02E026.mkv (380.4 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S02E027.mkv (360.5 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S02E028.mkv (360.6 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S02E029.mkv (317.6 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S02E030.mkv (403.2 MiB)
      • S03.(EFC)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S03E031.mkv (557.1 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S03E032.mkv (321.0 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S03E033.mkv (387.7 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S03E034.mkv (407.6 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S03E035.mkv (342.2 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S03E036.mkv (296.7 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S03E037.mkv (365.0 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S03E038.mkv (454.2 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S03E039.mkv (356.0 MiB)
        • The.Land.of.Miracles.(Shen.Lan.Qi.Yu.Wushuang.Zhu).S03E040.mkv (382.1 MiB)