[PrinceOtaku] Lupin III - Part IV (Episode 2) [Dual Audio] [720p]

2023-11-24 19:28 UTC
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Here we go, another episode done. Episode 2 in English Dub now available with Yuji Ohno's score Rundown: I am back with a brand new Project, a project in which I hope to actually complete. As many Lupin III Fans know, Part IV was the only part of the series to have an inconsistent dub release compared to the original Japanese version. Some scenes were altered in the dub, new background music was added which was the same BGM they used in the Italian dub for the series as well as opening and endings were completely changed. As a huge fan of the original Japanese score composed by Yuji Ohno and a very huge fan of the English dub cast, I decided to makes this project in which I carefully extracted the original BGM and SFX track from the original Japanese and also painstakingly lifted the English dub dialogue from the Italian BGM score and placed the dialogue over the Yuji Ohno score to create, what I hope a definitive English dub experience. This takes me a couple of hours per episode and I really hope to continue this project. If I get enough downloads and fans of this, I will continue it. Granted, some episodes will be harder than other since some scenes are completely changed, so at this point I am unsure how I will handle them until I get to the episodes. I hope you guys enjoy this torrent of Episode 2 of Lupin III - Part IV including the English Dub with the Yuji Ohno score of the first time. Resolution: 720p (At this stage, there are no plans to do a 1080p because I have a shit connection and it would take too long to seed) Track 1: English Audio (With Yuji Ohno Score) + Onscreen Captions Track 2: Japanese Audio Subtitle Track: English Subtitles with the Japanese audio

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This is awesome. Hope you release more soon.
0.2% Chance of Survival - The animation is slightly more refined in the JP cut and the episode is a bit shorter. Nonstop Rendezvous - There is no difference in animation but the Japanese version is shorter than the English one, presumably to fit into the JP broadcast schedule. They have shortened scenes and in one place a small clip has been cut. These 2 are the ones which are going to be the toughest ones. All other episodes have the same cut. https://nyaa.si/view/1416062 has the synced audio if it helps you in this project.